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Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side

The Turkish Mediterranean is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, a prime example of which can be seen in the Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side. This region offers a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts who relish in jogging, climbing, trekking, and camping, thanks to its diverse natural landscapes. Altinbesik Cave, named after the mountain on which it sits, showcases a captivating underground world. Within its 40-meter-tall chambers, visitors can explore a series of levels each offering its unique wonders. The cave features a river, a waterfall, and subterranean lakes, with the lower levels home to enchanting water bodies and the upper levels adorned with stalagmites and stalactites. These formations, along with the striking white travertine that towers forty meters high, endow the cave with its remarkable beauty, making it a testament to the natural splendor of the area.

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Starting Point of a Picturesque Journey

As you embark on this scenic and delightful hike through the forested and hilly terrain, you’re greeted with pathways enveloped in lush greenery. The air is rich with the aromatic fragrances of thyme, lemurs, and laurel trees. A study of the map reveals the opportunity to absorb the breathtaking vistas, landscapes, and points of interest during the Altinbesik Cave tour from Side. Should any questions arise regarding the specifics of the locale, knowledgeable English-speaking tour guides are readily available to assist.

Explore the Hidden Beauty of Green Lake

Embark on a journey filled with enchanting myths, captivating folklore, and historical facts. The path leads adventurers to a vantage point offering a spectacular view of the Green Lake, an artificial reservoir nestled within a canyon, towering at 1200 meters. Named for its emerald hue, the lake’s color comes from the abundant flora on the mountain slopes and the algae within its waters. This journey provides a unique glimpse into the lives of Turkish peasants, offering a window into the past and enriching the travel experience.

Explore the Altinbesik Cave

After a lunch break in the village featuring delicious sweets, strong coffee, and aromatic tea, guests gather their strength for the next adventure. A group, led by a tour guide, embarks on the “Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side” aboard boats. You’ll discover the geological wonders that created the cavern and the history of the underground lake. The cave’s interior, illuminated by direct sunlight, reveals stunning formations of stalagmites and stalactites, creating a magical atmosphere. A visit to an ancient mosque over six centuries old, with its classical architecture, adds a historical dimension to the experience.

Antalya’s Hidden Natural Wonder

This journey offers firsthand insight into the region’s vibrant culture, traditions, and customs. The Altinbesik Cave National Park stands as one of Antalya’s hidden gems, drawing numerous visitors to Turkey’s largest subterranean lake. Positioned on the western edge of the steep Manavgat Valley, at 678 meters above sea level, the park is a mosaic of scrubland and marshes. With a landscape dominated by mountains and caves, the Altinbesik Cave is the crown jewel of the national park, promising memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Ancient Caves and Villages

The adventure continues with a visit to the quaint village of Ormana, offering a glimpse into regional architecture typical of the Akseki villages in Antalya Province. Known for their distinctive “button homes” constructed from local materials (wood and stone), these structures have stood for over 300 years. The cave itself features three levels, each offering unique experiences depending on the season, from dry upper levels to water-filled lower and intermediate levels during wetter months.

A Unique Cave Experience

Operated by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the tour boats to Altinbesik Cave depart from a small café within the vicinity. The journey into the cave begins aboard these boats, traversing a 15-minute path across a turquoise pond that can reach depths of up to 15 meters. A natural rock bridge spans the center of the lake, leading to a hall enclosed by a nearly vertical travertine wall. With high humidity and an average temperature of 17 degrees, the cave showcases a variety of stalactites and stalagmites. Accessible only in summer and fall, the cave closes naturally during winter and spring due to flooding. Since 1994, the Altinbesik Cave has been celebrated as one of the world’s most significant caves, part of an extensive karst system with an underground water system spanning over 100 kilometers. Discovered in 1966, the cave’s name, and its rich history, continue to attract visitors from around the globe.

Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side

Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side cost (price) 49 € for adults, 29 € for children 4 between 10 years old and children under 4 years old are free.

Side Hotels – 08:40


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Inflatable Boating
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Camera, Comfortable Shoes.

Description of Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side

Your all-day adventure begins bright and early in the morning, with a prompt pickup from your Side accommodation in a modern, fully air-conditioned bus designed for your comfort. Upon boarding, you’ll be warmly welcomed by an experienced tour guide who will not only greet you but will also provide a comprehensive review of the itinerary, ensuring you’re well-informed of the day’s plans.

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Green Canyon

Embark on a journey to the majestic Green Canyon, where its towering position at an elevation of 1,250 meters offers breathtaking views over the Oymapinar Dam. As you immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this location, you’ll be captivated by the tranquil atmosphere and lush vegetation. Don’t forget to capture these moments with your camera, as the picturesque scenery promises unforgettable memories.

Altinbesik Cave

Discover the enchanting Altinbesik Cave, featuring three distinct levels stacked upon each other. The upper level remains dry throughout the year, while the middle and lower levels come to life during the rainy season. Access to the cave is by boat, leading you on a mesmerizing 15-minute journey across a turquoise pond, sometimes reaching depths of 15 meters. A natural rock bridge sits at the lake’s heart, leading to a 44-meter-long chamber enclosed by a nearly vertical travertine wall. Experience the cave’s high humidity and steady temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is accessible only in summer and autumn, as it becomes submerged during winter and spring, leading to its natural closure during these seasons.

Villages in the Taurus Mountains

The itinerary also includes visits to several ancient villages nestled in the Taurus Mountains, including Brad, Ormana, and Sarhaclar. These villages are celebrated for their deep-rooted traditions and unique architectural styles, making them popular destinations among tourists. Explore these quaint locales and their famous buttoned houses, constructed with wooden frames and devoid of cement, offering a glimpse into the area’s rich cultural heritage.

Altinbesik National Park

Positioned at 678 meters above sea level on the western slope of the steep Manavgat Valley, Altinbesik Cave National Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty. The valley, home to the Altinbesik Cave, is adorned with scrublands and marshes, while the surrounding area boasts an abundance of mountains and caves. The cave is the park’s crown jewel, promising an unforgettable exploration amidst the scenic wonders of the Manavgat Valley. Discover what the nearby village and the cave have to offer, leaving lasting impressions on your memory.


This full-day excursion concludes in the late afternoon. As your final stop wraps up, a bus will await to transport you back to Alanya. Filled with beautiful memories and a sense of rejuvenation, you’ll return to your hotel, carrying the spirit of your adventure with you.

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Questions & Answers

Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side - Are There Any Additional Fees?

Any drinks you decide to buy, as well as any extras like presents or snacks besides lunch, will be charged extra.

What should I pack for an Altinbesik Cave Tour from the Side?

First, wear appropriate footwear because parts of the walkways will be cobblestone or grassy.

If you are travelling during the height of the summer, bring your sunglasses, hat, and sun cream.

Do remember to bring some cash for personal expenses as well as a coat or sweater for chilly days.

Don’t forget to pack your camera since there are so many picture possibilities on this magnificent country’s excursions, both of the historic and contemporary variety, that you won’t want to miss.

How much does Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side cost?

The Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side costs 49 € for adults, 29 € for children 4 between 10 years old and children under 4 years old are free.

Reviews of Altinbesik Cave Tour from Side

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Highly recommend it if you are in the area. The caves are really impressive.

Maja Dickson
Maja Dickson

It’s a really great place, the caves, the micro bats, the tour itself, our wonderful tour guide, amazing place!


Exceptional views of rich natural heritage.

Monica Hansen
Monica Hansen

We had a fantastic time! And our guide was fantastic too.