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Side Horse Riding

Elevate your vacation by exploring the allure of a Horse Safari Tour in Side. This captivating and serene journey allows you to enjoy tranquil moments as you trot along. While on horseback, you’re invited to take in the serene and untouched landscapes around you. Engage in an exceptional horse riding program where you can pick up a new hobby amidst nature. The Side Horse Riding Tour is an idyllic adventure for those looking to relax and connect with nature aboard these majestic animals, making it an ideal activity for all age groups. Riding horses comes with many benefits, enhancing the experience for both adults and children alike.

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Begin Your Horseback Adventure Right from Your Hotel
Your journey starts the moment a staff member escorts you from your hotel. Enjoy the comfort of modern, fully air-conditioned vehicles that ensure your ride to the horse farm is as pleasant as the adventure ahead. Nestled in an exquisite natural sanctuary, the farm awaits to offer you a tranquil and visually stunning environment. Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the expert horse riding instructors.

Experience the Wild on Horseback!

Dedicated and skilled instructors will provide a comprehensive introduction to horseback riding, including the correct use of all necessary safety gear. They will cover all essential details about the horse farm and the well-trained, rider-friendly horses. These horses are not only safe to ride but also have undergone specialized training to ensure a smooth experience.

An Unforgettable Horseback Riding Experience

Worry not if you’re new to horseback riding; the professional guidance provided ensures a delightful and memorable experience for all skill levels. After the initial training session, you’ll embark on a one-hour riding adventure under the supervision of your instructor. This excursion will take you through a variety of landscapes including forests, orange orchards, villages, rivers, and awe-inspiring natural terrains. You have the option to choose from two distinct trails:

  • The Forest Trail 
  • The Side Beach Track

How much does Side Horse Riding cost?

There are two different packages available on Side Horse Riding Tour:

  • The Side Forest Trail Package costs 35 €. 
  • The Side Beach Track costs 45 €.
  • Children under seven years old are not allowed ride horses.

Side Hotels 

Sessions: 10:00 – 12:00 – 14:00 – 16:00 – 18:00


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • 1-1,5 Hours Riding
  • Safety Equipments
  • Training Service
  • Insurance


  • Photos & Videos

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes, seasonally appropriate clothing, and sunglasses.

Description of Side Horse Riding

Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of a horse riding adventure, discovering an enriching outdoor hobby. The Side Horse Riding Tour offers an idyllic setting for individuals of all ages to relax and connect with nature through the joy of equine companionship. Engaging in horseback riding provides a multitude of benefits, making it a rewarding experience for both adults and children alike.

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Upon your arrival, you will be introduced to your instructors, who are skilled professionals with extensive experience in horseback riding. They will provide a comprehensive briefing, covering all the essentials of horse riding and how to handle the horses. Additionally, they will instruct you on the correct use of safety gear.

No previous experience with horse riding is required for newcomers. The instructors will also offer interesting insights about the farm and the horses. It’s important to understand that the horses are completely safe and have been well-trained.

The Duration of the Experience

This horseback riding adventure spans approximately two hours. During the ride, an instructor will accompany you, offering guidance and assistance as needed. You have the choice between two scenic routes based on your preference.

The routes available are the Side Shore Track and the Countryside Track, each offering a journey through magnificent landscapes such as forests, citrus groves, villages, and rivers. The beauty of nature will envelop you, filling you with feelings of joy and affection. Opting for the Side Beach Track allows for an extended ride along the stunning golden beaches of Side.


This horseback riding excursion is designed as a memorable vacation activity that is beneficial in several ways, suitable for families and individuals aged 7 and above.

Engaging in horseback riding has been shown to aid in the development of a healthier spine in children. Moreover, it enhances body posture. Participating in a horseback safari can also foster empathy and boost emotional well-being.


At the conclusion of your one-hour horseback riding experience, a bus will be ready to take you back to your accommodation. A team member will ensure your safe return to your hotel, where you’ll be left with pleasant memories and joyful experiences from this unique activity.

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Questions & Answers

Can those who have no previous horse riding experience also participate in Side Horse Riding?

Even if you’ve never rode before, you’ll love this ride because no prior experience is required.

Is there anything special I should wear while horse riding in Side?

Wear whatever is most comfortable for you, while shorts or pants are suggested to reduce saddle soreness. You should dress appropriately (trainers or closed shoes). On request, professional riding boots and other gear are available for lease or purchase at the centre.

Who cannot participate in the Side Horse Riding Tour?

Side Horse Riding is not suggested for persons weighing 110 kg or more, as well as those with limited mobility or health difficulties. Pregnant women should avoid this excursion as well.

What is the minimum age to ride a horse in Side?

To ride by themselves, children must be at least 8 years old.

How long does horse riding take in Side?

Including the time for transportation and the package you’ve choosen Side Horse Riding takes around 3 hours. You can choose between the morning, the afternoon and the evening.

What is the price of Side Horse Riding?

The price of Side Horse Riding is 35 € for adults, 35 € for children (+ 8) years old and children under 7 years old are not allowed.

Reviews of Side Horse Riding

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Andrew Hesford
Andrew Hesford

It was a lot of fun. The hotel pickup worked perfectly. In the open stable, the horses stand together. Guides are extremely friendly. We will be back for sure!

Farzand Farydoon
Farzand Farydoon

Great horses and great scenery. The companion is super nice! Highly recommended

Darius Braciulis
Darius Braciulis

This location is fantastic. All of the animals are well taken care of. Even if you’ve never ridden before, everyone is friendly and helpful. Please follow all instructions, as horses are not robots. We will return in any case.

Stephen Frankie Martin
Stephen Frankie Martin

It was our favorite day in Side.

My wife and I were riding for the first time. The staff was excellent, particularly Ibrahim, who thoroughly explained all riding techniques and safety procedures prior to our start. The horses were excellent and did not do anything inappropriate. I felt completely safe throughout the safari.

Without our knowledge, our booking agent,, had called to alert the staff that it was my wife’s birthday. When we concluded our ride, the entire staff came out and gave us with a gorgeous birthday cake. It was a very kind gesture, which I greatly enjoyed.

That comes highly recommended from me.