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Side Quad Safari Tour

Elevate your holiday experience with our premier Side Quad Safari Tour, designed for adventure enthusiasts. This journey promises excitement, featuring top-notch quad bikes, a carefully curated path to navigate Side’s most scenic areas, and additional highlights. Whether with your spouse, children, buddies, or relatives, this adventure is inclusive for all. No prior driving skills are needed, thanks to the quad bikes’ user-friendly operation. The majestic mountains of Side serve as the perfect backdrop, ensuring a memorable adventure.

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Geography Of Side

Side, nestled in the Antalya province, is renowned for its picturesque beaches, charming harbor, and undulating landscapes. The majestic Taurus Mountains provide a stunning backdrop, enhancing the natural beauty of the area and offering visitors a chance to connect with nature. The pure and revitalizing air in Side contributes to a sense of tranquility, making it an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The peaceful surroundings of Side make it a perfect destination for those looking for a serene yet adventurous escape, which is why it has become a popular choice for quad safari tours in Turkey.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Quad Safari

The allure of quad safari lies in the exhilarating experience it provides. Participants revel in the opportunity to navigate the mountainous terrain of Side at speed, making it a favored activity for those who prefer not to trek through the hills. The quad safari offers a fantastic way to see the area without having to walk, with the added benefit of being accessible to those without prior driving experience thanks to modern, easy-to-operate bikes. These tours are known for their safety, thanks to the use of latest technology in quad bikes.

Why Choose Side Quad Safari Tour with us?

Choosing the Side Quad Safari Tour guarantees an adventure along meticulously planned routes under the guidance of seasoned tour leaders. Here are several reasons to select the Side Quad Safari Tour:

  • Experience the lower reaches of the Taurus Mountains guided by experts
  • Comprehensive instructions on bike operation at no additional cost
  • All quad bikes adhere to rigorous safety guidelines to ensure a worry-free experience
  • Complimentary helmet use throughout the tour
  • The itinerary includes moments for photography and relaxation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient shuttle service to and from the biking center and accommodations

How much does Side Quad Safari Tour cost?

The costs (price) of a Side Quad Safari Tour is 29 euros for a single driver and 39 euros for two drivers riding on one quad.

Side Hotels

Sessions: 08:30 / 11:00 / 14:00


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Protective Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Test Drive
  • Guiding Service
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes, Sun Glasses, Suncream, Extra Clothes, Camera..

Side Quad Safari Tour Program

The Side Quad Safari Tour offers an opportunity to quickly explore the area thanks to the speed of the bikes. Below is a detailed itinerary for the tour for a clearer understanding:

  • Pick-ups begin at 08:30, with a return to the hotel by approximately 11:30.
  • The next pick-up occurs at 11:00, with returning to the hotel by around 14:00.
  • The day’s final pick-up is scheduled for 14:00, with participants returning to their hotel by 17:00.

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Pick-up From The Hotel

A skilled chauffeur will greet you at your place of stay and escort you in a climate-controlled vehicle. As you journey from Side, take in the views through the window. The drive to the quad bike facility will be direct and uninterrupted.

Meet The Trainers

At the quad bike base, instructors will familiarize you with the essentials of operating a quad bike. You’ll have the opportunity to inspect the bikes and grasp their operation through guidance from proficient trainers.

For enhanced safety, helmets will be distributed on-site. A preliminary riding assessment is conducted to confirm participants’ safety before commencing the tour.

The Tour Starts

The adventure typically kicks off in the vicinity of the Taurus Mountains, offering a deeper exploration of the area. The itinerary includes various points of interest, with scheduled pauses allowing for photography opportunities.

The journey is designed to be extensive, ensuring a thorough exploration. Opportunities for a swim may arise if the route includes a stop by a river.

Resting Break

Riding a quad bike for extended periods can be tiring, making rest breaks essential. Upon arrival at the final stop, it’s important to rehydrate and relax.

Participants will then return to the initial meeting point, ensuring the return of helmets and safety equipment to the quad bike center.

Drop-off At The Hotel

Following your exhilarating adventure, the convenience of transportation back to your hotel is assured. The drivers waiting at the quad bike station will ensure your return without any additional fees.

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Questions & Answers

How old do you have to be ride a Quad Bikes in Side?

People over 15 years old are allowed to ride the Quad Safari in Side.

Do you need a license to drive a Quad Safari in Side?

You don’t need a driver’s license to drive a Quad Safari in Side off-road.

Is it dangerous to go on a Quad Safari in Side?

Side Quad Safari Tour is very safe if the right precautions are taken and the bikes are treated with attention and care. You are in the hands of experienced professional instructors who will provide you with training and a safety briefing before getting on the Quad. You will also be provided with the appropriate safety gear and equipment.

When does Side Quad Safari Tour start?

The Side Quad Safari Tour has three sessions.

  • The morning session is between 08:30 to 11:30
  • The afternoon session is between 11:00 – 14:00.
  • The late afternoon session is between 14:00 to 17:00

What is the price of Side Buggy Safari?

It’s  29 € for a single driver and for double riders 39 € ( Two people on a Single Quad )

Where to book Side Quad Safari?

You can book Side Quad Safari here on our website online. The online booking form is very easy to use!

Reviews of Side Quad Safari Tour

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Thomas L.
Thomas L.

Great safari with great staff. Really worth checking out, I’ve ridden quads in a few countries but this one certainly beat the others.

Megan Jacklin
Megan Jacklin

Great team. Great fun. Booked it here randomly. Enjoyed!

Cheng Yung
Cheng Yung

The quad biking. . the navigations. . to the point!! The organization was very good as were the instructors!

Sarah J Miles
Sarah J Miles

Was a lot of fun and exciting, staff very nice and friendly Definitely recommend but take extra clothes to change into afterwards!

Pauline Bacsa
Pauline Bacsa

The service was good and the organization too. Don’t expect to walk around as the paths are full of big rocks etc. It is mainly the view that makes this trip beautiful and fun. Bring clothes that you can get dirty and comfortable shoes.

Dominica Wood
Dominica Wood

The activity was initially a little challenging because the bike I had with me had a mechanical issue, but soon it was changed by another one, and even I received assistance from the finest rider of the activity organizers. Really, the journey I personally had cannot be adequately described. Was fantastic! 👍👏