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Antalya Horse Riding

     The Antalya seaside is gorgeous, but sometimes we need something extra. It is taking part in this alternate way of enjoying all the best Antalya offers. An Antalya Horse Riding tour allows you to escape the ever-growing crowds of the seaside and bask in the beauty of Antalya while simultaneously experiencing the countryside and its magnificent landscapes and views. So, come to have an amazing experience of delightful landscapes and interact with horses while exploring this beautiful countryside.

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    Antalya Horse Riding is a safari tour which takes you around the forests and beaches around the Lara area. The tour’s popularity is strongly connected to the fact that it isn’t just a regular walk, but it is a ride on trained horses that stands to make for the most amazing adventure. Furthermore, it has a bit of everything and so it is suited to everyone. You will experience forests and nature trails as well as amazing beaches all on horseback.

    Who can take part on Horse riding?

    The tour is open to everyone over the age of 8. The activity is not recommended for people who weigh over 110 kgs, or for those with health issues or limited mobility. This tour is not suitable also for pregnant women.

    Moreover, everyone is paired with their horses based on size and personality to ensure the best possible experience for you. The Horse Riding tour also benefits from having professional riders accompany you on the trek who can offer an immeasurable amount of knowledge for the area as well as answer any questions that you might have.

    When going on this tour you should be ready as wearing sensible clothing. A comfortable vehicle will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the ranch which is the starting point of the trek. With its peaceful setting, you should get ready to experience nature at its finest.

    There is no need to worry if you have never ridden a horse before as you will be welcomed at the ranch by the hosts and professionals who will be ready to provide the necessary instructions and answer any and every question that you might have. Additionally, they will hand you the safety equipment that you need (hard hat, saddle, stirrups etc…) in order to fully enjoy the experience. You will also have the opportunity to hire riding boots if you so wish.

How much does Antalya Horse Riding cost?

Experience Antalya’s horse riding for just 38 Euros, available for both adults and children during our morning and afternoon sessions. Opt for our special sunrise or sunset rides at 48 Euros to enjoy the unique beauty of Antalya in a magical light. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!

Antalya Hotels 

Sessions: 06:00 / 08:00 / 13:30 / 19:00


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Horse Riding with Few Stops
  • Safety Equipments
  • Training Service
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes, seasonally appropriate clothing, and sunglasses.

Description of Antalya Horse Riding

    Following on, you will meet your steed and get a bit familiarised before setting off on your adventure. You will learn the basic riding skills that you need to be able to enjoy this slow ride and the beauty of your surroundings. Overall, horses are very friendly to humans. The horses we use are fully trained and are generally very easy to establish a connection with especially if you are a child. Therefore, this tour is characterised as family-friendly.

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    So, if you want to spend your time on a fabulous excursion trotting along the warm sands and the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea splashing against the beach as you ride as well as riding through luscious emerald forests, then this tour is the perfect choice for you. It will surely leave you wanting to come back for more.

    The trek consists of two parts. During the first half of the trek, you will be enjoying a ride through forest paths before continuing to the second part of the trek which will take you along the beach. We recommend you keep your eyes peeled for that Antalya sights as it is most certainly going to make for an unbelievable photograph to capture the beauty on your journey.

    Upon successful completion of the trek, you will then return to the starting point at the ranch and will have the opportunity to relax for a little bit with a nice refreshing drink. Not only that, but you will also be able to view the professional photographs from your trip as well as buy them if you so wish. When you are sure that you are ready, you will then be transported back to your hotel to bask in the memories of what you have just experienced. As this tour is open to everyone above the age of 8, all visitors in Antalya can enjoy this unforgettable ride.

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Questions & Answers

Is there anything special I should wear while horse riding in Antalya?

Wear whatever is most comfortable for you, while shorts or pants are suggested to reduce saddle soreness. You should dress appropriately (trainers or closed shoes). On request, professional riding boots and other gear are available for lease or purchase at the centre.

Is it possible for non-riders to participate in Antalya Horse Riding?

Even if you’ve never rode before, you’ll love this ride because no prior experience is required.

Who cannot participate in the Antalya Horse Riding Tour?

Antalya Horse Riding is not suggested for persons weighing 110 kg or more, as well as those with limited mobility or health difficulties. Pregnant women should avoid this experience as well.

What is the minimum age to ride a horse in Antalya?

To ride by themselves, children must be at least 8 years old.

How long does horse riding take in Antalya?

Antalya horseback riding tour takes about 3 hours. You can pick the time between morning, afternoon, and evening time.

What is the price of Antalya Horse Riding?

Antalya horse riding price is €38 for adults and children during the morning and afternoon sessions. There is an additional €10 charge for the Sunset or Sunrise Session. Please note that children under the age of 3 are not allowed to ride horses.

Reviews of Antalya Horse Riding

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Sam Zlaoui
Sam Zlaoui

Amazing Horseback Riding! 👌

We had a great time, and the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend this tour and will definitely be back.

Rachel Nixon
Rachel Nixon

Great location and wonderful staff. been twice in the last two years and will return the following year!

Tracey Was Orwin Drops
Tracey Was Orwin Drops

Just got back from a fantastic horseback riding trip. Everyone on staff was incredibly helpful and clearly cared about the horses. On time pick up and drop off at the hotel. Excellent value for the money. Just a lot of fun! 

Sabine Hopf
Sabine Hopf

The kids thought this was one of the best excursions ever. It takes about three hours total, and the horses were very well-behaved and the weather was beautiful.

Jackie Heron Murby
Jackie Heron Murby

Really fantastic horses made for an excellent ride; I only wish we could have gone further. We will be back!

Dale Snowdon
Dale Snowdon

My first time on a horse and it a great experience 😊👌

I booked it as a surprise for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it. The horses are very well cared for. I also went horseback riding for the very first time and it was great, although I don’t really know my way around, it worked right away because the horses are well trained. Definitely recommended