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Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour

    Tazi Canyon is a stunning natural landmark located in the Selge region of Turkey. The canyon is characterized by its towering cliffs and narrow gorges, which offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Visitors to the area can hike through the canyon, taking in the breathtaking scenery and exploring the many caves and crevices that are dotted throughout the area. With its unique combination of natural beauty and rich history, Tazi Canyon is an unmissable destination for anyone visiting the Selge region. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or simply looking for a scenic escape, Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour is a must-see destination that offers an unforgettable experience.

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     The journey starts early in the morning with a pick-up from your Manavgat hotel. You will utilize a cosy, environmentally friendly safari bus for this excursion. You will be greeted inside the bus by a knowledgeable tour guide who speaks English and will fill you in on the schedule’s final details.
A two-hour drive to the canyon is part of the excursion’s opening leg. You may enjoy some lovely views of the surrounding area as the bus travels through the Taurus Mountains. You can see gorgeous villages, bridges, and woodlands with more specificity.

     The tour guide will share fascinating facts with you about the area as you move through these points. There will be several brief breaks along the trip for pictures or sightseeing. One of the stops is at a bridge from the Roman era that is 2000 years old. Another stop will be at a restaurant by a river, where you may rest up and resume your journey feeling refreshed and at ease. The “Saint Paul’s Road,” which is significant to Christians, will also have an unusual halt.

    The excursion’s primary attraction is its tour of Tazi Canyon. You’ll get 45 minutes to yourself to go about and take in the scenery. The canyon, which is part of the Taurus Mountains, exudes a sense of majesty and power. Stunning 400-meter-high cliffs and abundant greenery are some of the canyon’s most distinguishing features. The tour guide will give you a fascinating account of the canyon’s features while you stroll about and take it all in. Remember to take pictures of this magnificent natural phenomenon. The bus will take you to a restaurant by the river when the 45-minute break is over. Following is a delectable lunch break where you may unwind and sample some delicious regional cuisine.

     The Tazi Canyon and Selge tour in Turkey offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, including:

  1. Hiking: Tazi Canyon is known for its scenic hiking trails, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
  2. Rock Climbing: Tazi Canyon is also a popular destination for rock climbers, with its challenging cliffs and rock formations.
  3. River Rafting: The Tazi River runs through the canyon, offering visitors the opportunity to go rafting or kayaking.
  4. Wildlife Watching: Tazi Canyon is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and mammals, making it a great place for wildlife watching.
  5. Archaeological sites: The ancient city of Selge is located near Tazi Canyon and is known for its well-preserved ruins, including a theater, a basilica, and a Roman bridge.
  6. Swimming: The Tazi River offers several places for swimming and soaking in the cool, clear water.

     Overall, the Tazi Canyon and Selge tour offers a unique blend of adventure, history, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Turkey.

How much does Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour cost?

Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour cost (price) 35 € for adults, 20 € for children 7-12 years old and children under 7 years old are free.

Manavgat Hotels – 08:45


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Guiding Service
  • Training Service
  • Equipments
  • Insurance
  • Lunch


  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming costumes, towels, and water-resistant shoes or sneakers (No flip-flops), T-shirt to wear beneath your life jacket, spare clothing for the trip’s finish.

The Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour Program

   There are 2 different package options on this tour. You can use our online booking form to choose your package.

  • In the first package, after you visit the Tazi Canyon, the tour continues with Rafting.
  • In the second package, after you visit the Tazi Canyon, you will go to visit the Ancient City of Selge instead of Rafting.

    Depending on your selection, the following section of the trip is altered. More specifically, if you choose the rafting trip, you will have the opportunity to partake in an extremely exhilarating rafting adventure. A qualified teacher will provide you with the essential equipment and will explain how rafting operates. The river’s frothy, untamed, and splashing waters will raise your excitement levels. If you pick up at that location, this trip continues with an engaging sightseeing experience at Selge Ancient City. This historic town has a fascinating history and several interesting ruins. A Roman theatre from 2200 years ago is one of the key attractions.

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Hotel Pickup:

A completely air-conditioned and contemporary bus will take you up from your Manavgat hotel in the morning. A professional guide will join you on this excursion to provide you with useful information about the sights and to ensure that you have a good time.

Road trip to Taurus Mountains:

To get to Eagle Canyon from Manavgat, drive for two hours across the Taurus Mountains. The picturesque and lovely scenery will make your road journey enjoyable. You may see gorgeous villages and woodlands while driving. Feel free to ask the tour leader any questions you have.

Multiple short stops:

The road journey will be comfortable because it will involve several brief pauses for photography and sightseeing. A 2000-year-old Roman bridge will be an intriguing stop. You will also stop at “Saint Paul’s Road” for a rest. A refreshing break will also be provided at a restaurant located near the river.

Tazi Canyon:

Tazi Canyon is one of Turkey’s most prominent tourist attractions. One of the first things you notice when you arrive is the gorgeous atmosphere. You will get 45 minutes to spend in the canyon as you choose. Take advantage of the chance to explore the raw beauty of this region and be amazed by the 400-meter-high cliffs. As you go around the canyon, the tour guide will share some fascinating facts about it.

Lunch break:

After your exploration of the canyon, the bus will take you to a restaurant along the river. You will have a fantastic meal surrounded by nature’s splendour.

Selge Ancient City Schedule:

The bus will take you to the old city of Selge if you join this excursion. This ancient city is significant because of its lengthy history. As you stroll about and investigate the village, the guide will give useful information. Among the remains is a 2200-year-old Roman theatre.

Rafting Schedule:

If you’re looking for an adventure, this tour will not disappoint. Following lunch, you will be briefed on the fundamentals of rafting by a trained rafting teacher. You will join the river while wearing safety equipment and have a great experience. The river is known for its frothy and wild waters, which are suitable for such an activity. During this spectacular rafting adventure, increase your passion and adrenaline levels.


It takes about two hours to return to Manavgat. The journey concludes in the afternoon, when you return to your hotel full of wonderful feelings and memories.

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Questions & Answers

Is the Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour suitable for people who cannot swim?

Life jackets will be provided to everyone in the rafting part of the tour. Even non-swimmers will feel safe with life jackets.

Do I need to bring any money for the Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour?

While the lunch is included, your beverages are not. You’ll need some cash for refreshments, and if you want to purchase the day’s DVD, you’ll need to have enough cash on hand. A little amount of cash for shopping is advised because the base sells water shoes and other products as well.

Is the Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour subject to any restrictions?

Due to the nature of this journey, pregnant women and anyone with limited mobility should not participate.

Is Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour suitable for families?

Families will appreciate the Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour. This expedition is open to anyone.

Can kids join the Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour?

Yes. Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour is a huge hit with kids, especially teens. We encourage that you bring your children on the Tour. The youngsters will be overjoyed.

Reviews of Manavgat Tazi Canyon Selge Tour

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Oliwia Hewitt
Oliwia Hewitt

It was truly a decent visit. The lunch was good and all the activities were the perfection of our trip. We were a bit doubtful at the beginning, but we weren’t disappointed. Selge was pleasant indeed and the Adler Canyon was frightening and beautiful at he same time!

Hanna Duncan
Hanna Duncan

We were picked up at the hotel at the agreed time and after a few hotels we drove to the mountains, where we changed trains and met our amazing guide. The ride is generally nice and easy. On a stop in the countryside we met the local mountain women selling their own woolen knitwear at very modest prices without being overbearing. As you stop at the Roman Theater, look out for the women, who are particularly troublesome. The guide warns against this. After all was a great experience, definitely worth it!