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Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour

    Discover the Manavgat countryside in a fun and adventurous way with this Manavgat jeep safari tour in the Taurus Mountains. The view will be spectacular; you will stop in welcoming communities and tour numerous historical sites. All of this is intended for folks who adore nature and are adventurous and enjoyable. The open jeeps will provide you with the best of both worlds as you take in the breathtaking scenery and go off-road in the highlands.

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  What Manavgat Has To Offer

    Many people equate Manavgat with providing great sunny weather and incredible beaches. However, most people forget to explore the rugged landscape that Manavgat, Turkey provides when they venture through the Taurus Mountains. You will get to witness the fantastic countryside of Manavgat along with plants, rivers, and much more.

    There are also historic sites and rural villages that will give you a glimpse into the way that rural people live in Manavgat. So, you will get to learn, explore different areas, and enjoy a Safari experience like never before.

Reasons To Choose The Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour

Here are some of the top reasons to choose this Manavgat Jeep Safari tour:

    1. Connect With Nature

    One of the best ways to connect with nature is to opt for the Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour. That is because you will be surrounded by mountains, wilderness, plants, and much more. It will be a chance for you to get away from the city and escape into nature.

    2. Experience The Village Life

    You live in your cities and forget that here are people that still live simple lives in villages. You will get a reminder of this as you visit a rural Turkish village during your safari. You can talk to the locals and enjoy their hospitality during this little visit.

    3. Perfect For An Adventurous Family Day Out

    If you want to have an adventure with your family in Turkey, then there is quite nothing like taking a Manavgat Jeep Safari tour. The jeeps can easily include a large group of people so that the entire family can enjoy off-roading together. This is why our tour is highly popular with families.

How much does Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour cost?

Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour costs (price) 20 € for adults, 10 € for children 7-12 years old and children under 7 years old are free.

There are 2 different package options on this tour. You can use our online booking form to choose your package.

  • The first package is a fun Jeep Safari tour that we have created for you in accordance with the tour program on our website, and which will live on in your memory.
  • The second package includes a 1-1.5 hour boat ride through the spectacular grandeur of the green canyon as part of your adventurous Jeep Safari tour for only 5€ more!

Manavgat Hotels – 08:30


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Guiding Service
  • 4x4 Land Rover Jeeps
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Swimsuits, Sunglasses, Towel, Sun Cream, Hat, Comfortable Shoes, Camera.

The Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour Program

    Join a unique tour that includes all you need!  Jeep Safari in Manavgat allows you to go on exploration and adventure. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Taurus Mountains, Turkish countryside, waterfall visits, and river swimming. Take the off-road path with this all-day tour, and enjoy driving on muddy, dusty mountain roads for a genuine adventure.

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    Here is a complete itinerary of Manavgat Jeep Safari program:

Hotel Pick Up:

Your jeep will pick you up in the morning from your hotel. Then, you will drive towards the Taurus Mountains, where the off-roading adventure will begin.


An off-road route has already been mapped out for you that will boost your adrenaline and offer you the best views. The best part is that the route includes some lush green areas that enhance the beauty of the place. You will also pass by the Naras Bridge and some Roman ruins.

Tea And Pancakes Break:  

After the off-road adventure, there will be a short break for tea and pancakes. You can enjoy the views and the refreshments to reenergize yourself.

Views Of Oymapinar Dam:

Once the tea break is over, we will begin off-roading again until we stop at Seyran hill. Here, you can enjoy some of the most majestic panoramic views of Oymapinar Dam and the lake.

Energize At Lunch:

The lunch break will last for an hour and thirty minutes, and we will enjoy delicious food at a local restaurant. You can also swim in the river after your lunch.

Spend Time By The Beautiful Manavgat Waterfall:

Another stop will be the beautiful Manavgat Waterfall. You can relax here and listen to the waterfall or take some beautiful pictures.

Exploring Turkish Villages:

Your last stop will be visiting a village to provide you with a glimpse into rural life. You can learn more about the lifestyle and culture of the people when you stop.

Back To The Hotel:

Finally, you will be dropped off at your hotel so you can relax after a long day. By the end of the tour, you will have wonderful memories and pictures of the day.

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Questions & Answers

Is there anything that I should bring with me on Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour?

There will be opportunities to swim throughout the day, so bring or wear your swimsuit. It’s also a good idea to bring a towel or sun hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Bring some cash for extra drinks or snacks, a camera, and a DVD player to record your pleasant day out.

Can children participate in Jeep Safari Tour in Manavgat?

Yes. Children, especially teenagers, are totally in love with the Jeep Safari Tour. We recommend that you take your children with you! Your children will be delighted. The children will be delighted with water fights also!

Can I drive myself at the Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour?

You are not authorised to drive a tourist car in Turkey, even if you have a full driving licence.

Is Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour suitable for families?

Yes is suitable for families. With easy access to the Jeeps, this trip is suitable for everyone. Families appreciate this Safari as a calmer option to the adrenaline-pumping Safaris available.

What is the price of Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour?

It’s 20 € for adults, 10 € for children 7-12 years old, and it is free for kids under 7.

Reviews of Manavgat Jeep Safari Tour

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Gabrielle Clegg
Gabrielle Clegg

A unforgettable Jeep Safari. The tour guides were always able to surprise the passengers and provide them with a peaceful society, so many cultures, nations, and a lot of fun during the tour. We were five in number, and we had a great time and laughed a lot. Both children and adults will enjoy it.

Sandra Hermesaad
Sandra Hermesaad

The most enjoyable and interesting excursion. We were traveling with children, and I enjoyed everything, especially how fascinated the youngsters were. The tour is a lot of fun, and the cars are usually not brand new, but they are clean and well-kept. Drivers are a separate topic. In general, if you enjoy having fun and getting a rush of excitement, then jeep safari is for you.

Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll

In April, the weather was good, but we were advised not to dress up because it was very dusty and got very wet after lunch. My wife and I went on the jeep safari with our 10-year-old son. There were ten jeeps (Land Rover 110s) in the convoy. The tour was excellent, and we had a great time. First and foremost, you must be physically fit because the terrain is off-road and has some rocky, rough sections. It’s dusty, so drink lots of water! And you’ll become dirty. We had a very enjoyable water fight between the jeeps using the empty water bottles that we had filled with mountain river water. We paused for some dinner, which was acceptable but not particularly warm.
In fairness to the tour guide, there were Turks, British, Dutch, and Russians that we spoke to so it was tough to tell everyone what to do and practically all directions were provided in English as the common language. Still, we did quite a bit of waiting and the organization was a little slow. I would make this journey once again if I visited Manavgat again.

Helen Dock
Helen Dock

We all liked our Jeep Safari. The mountainous drive was a favorite among children. Be ready to get dirty. Both the scenery and the staff were outstanding. Little children can use this. Simply make sure they don’t sit in front of the Jeep.