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Manavgat Diving

    Manavgat Diving

    Discover the Mediterranean Sea and its pristine seas. Discover the secrets of the aquatic world and see Manavgat from a new perspective. Take in this tour and everything it has to offer. Explore the world’s largest underwater museum in all its splendour. Your holiday in Manavgat, Turkey will be something you remember for a long time.

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    The biggest underwater museum is situated in Manavgat-Side, and that is where you will be diving. You will get the chance to explore shipwrecks and reefs as well as all the natural life you will find yourself surrounded by. The translucent waters make this a hotspot for diving as you get a clear view of the sea life below with its array of fishes and the underwater museum too.

    This Scuba Diving Tour in Manavgat is the perfect alternative for anyone who is looking for a bit more adventure on their vacations in Manavgat. It will surely make your vacations there that much more amazing. SCUBA diving is the perfect way to transport yourself to the underwater world and experience what marine life is like. It requires a few minutes for the brain to adjust and get used to breathing underwater; however, as soon as it does, you will have no problems being underwater.

    This tour is accessible to you even if you do not have any SCUBA diving experience and are entirely new to the equipment. It is not only for experienced divers. The tour is fit for everyone over the age of over 12, and you will get to enjoy your day out both on and off the boat, as well as get the chance to explore where so few people ever get the opportunity to go.

How much does Manavgat Diving cost?

Manavgat Diving is priced at 33 € for adults, 18 € for non-diver visitors, and free for children under the age of six. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to dive.

Manavgat Hotels – 08:15


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Diving Equipments
  • 2 Dives
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Swimsuits, Sunglasses, Towel, Sun Cream, Hat, Camera.

Description of Manavgat Diving

    When you are picked up from your accommodation in a comfy car, the Manavgat Scuba Diving Tour begins. You will then be transported to the docking area of the boat. Before you begin diving, you will be greeted by certified scuba diving instructors who will provide you with a full briefing as well as technical knowledge and safety precautions. They will demonstrate safe diving equipment use as well as underwater communication.

    This beginner scuba diving course will teach you all you need to know. This scuba diving expedition includes a boat ride and two dives that are suitable for both novice and experienced divers. The dives are limited to 25 minutes each for the divers’ safety. This helps everyone who is scared because this is their first dive. The skipper selects the two spectacular diving sites where you will dive on the trip day.

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When you are picked up from your hotel, the Manavgat Diving expedition will have already begun. Your transportation will be provided by members of our staff to the port, where you will meet your scuba instructors.

On the same day, there are two dives included in the Manavgat Diving Tour. When you arrive at the harbor, our diving boat will be there to pick you up. The boat is roomy and furnished with everything you could possibly need while traveling. There are restrooms, showers, and loungers for sunbathers. There is also a bar where you may sip on coffee and old-fashioned Turkish tea.


Prior to your dive, a briefing will be conducted on board. Our skilled and experienced scuba diving instructors will provide you with important technical and safety information. The teachers will show proper equipment use, and you will be tested on your breathing using specialised oxygen tubes. Educators will also utilise sign language to demonstrate how communication occurs underwater. If this is your first dive, don’t worry; everything will be explained thoroughly, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

First Dive:

As your trip begins, the boat moves toward the first diving destination. Dives will take place in the Side and Manavgat region’s. This particular location is ideal for scuba diving due to the mix of warm and clean seas for maximum visibility. It is vital to remember that the instructors select the diving sites at random on the same day.


After your first dive, you’ll take a break onboard for lunch. You will have the chance to sample a healthy lunch that will provide you energy and support for your next dive. Additionally, Turkish coffee and tea are available.

Second Dive:

After you’ve had time to refuel and relax, the boat will take you on your second dive. You must follow the experts’ recommendations once more. The second dive takes place in a different site, so it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and compare the locations.

While you are on your dives, photographer diver will capture official photos and videos. You may inspect them and buy them after you get at the harbour. These photographs and videos will serve as lovely reminders of this extraordinary experience.

Once you get to the harbor, the Manavgat Diving tour is over. You will be driven back to your hotel while feeling emotional and mildly exhausted.

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Questions & Answers

How many dives will you do while scuba diving in Manavgat?

While diving in Manavgat you will have two dives, each of which will be up to 20-25 minutes. Experienced divers will dive longer.

Where to book diving in Manavgat Turkey?

You can book your Diving in Manavgat, Turkey here on our website online and online booking form is very easy to use!

Can non-swimmers dive in Manavgat?

So, the quick answer is yes. In fact, most non-swimmers can find their balance underwater better than some swimmers on their first experience. The professional diving instructor will always be with you anyway.

Can a 13 year old dive in Manavgat?

Officially licenced scuba diving schools offer scuba diving for children over 12. Younger children are allowed to snorkel but not dive.

Is it safe to dive in Manavgat?

Diving in Manavgat is a very safe activity for both beginners and experienced divers. Diving equipment is regularly checked and tested before each dive.

Reviews of Manavgat Diving

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Kathryn Louise Causey
Kathryn Louise Causey

I got my open water Padi certification here. We loved the underwater museum. Professional, in-depth theory and practice instruction. Great service with on-board lunches. Staff is pleasant. Highly recommended!

Dominic Hyland
Dominic Hyland

My first time scuba diving much exceeded my expectations! I was a little nervous before boarding the boat, but the crew instantly put everyone at ease – they’re all incredibly pleasant and professional, speaking fluent English, Turkish, and Russian. We went diving in two different locations, all of which were very picturesque and very clean, greenish-blue water. We got to feed fish with our own hands and saw a lovely underwater museum; it was like seeing a whole new planet and feeling like we were in space! While others dive, you can snorkel with given equipment or have a drink or a meal. This was an amazing experience that I absolutely suggest!

Danny Haggis
Danny Haggis

What can I say? It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! First of all, all instructors are true professionals. The first dive is usually terrifying, but they managed to calm us down and tell us everything we needed to know to succeed. Additionally skipper of the boat and the main teacher has everything in order aboard the boat. Prior to the dive, the ship is very clean, and the equipment is stored and cleaned. They take it quite seriously.