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Join Excursions > Manavgat > Altinbesik Cave Tour from Manavgat

Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat

    Join a fantastic full-day adventure and discover the true charm of the Taurus Mountains. This stunning Manavgat Altinbesik Cave Tour is great for people want to explore the countryside, admire the scenery, and see some attractive settlements in the Taurus Mountains. Traditional button cottages, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating cave formations are just a few of the highlights of your journey.

    This full-day adventure begins in the morning. Team members will meet you at your Manavgat hotel. The professional tour guide will inform you of the final features of the itinerary throughout the road trip.

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    The trip itinerary includes a stop at Green Canyon. From a height of 1250 metres, you may enjoy views of the Oymapinari dam. The setting is perfect for photographs, and nature enthusiasts will appreciate the lush green backdrop.

    The journey also includes excursions to some lovely and attractive settlements in the Taurus Mountains. The earliest communities in the Taurus Mountains, brad, Ormana, and Sarhaclar, are particularly popular. The settlements have a particular personality since the architectural styles of their dwellings are unique. Their skeletons are composed of juniper, cedar, and tar trees and are devoid of cement. These are also known as buttoned homes.

    Another stop on the excursion is at the Altinbesik Cave. With a length of 450 metres and a depth of 15 metres, Altinbesik Cave is Turkey’s first and Europe’s third-largest underground lake cave. In general, the cave has 20 tiny lakes and a total length of around 50 kilometres. The tour guide will accompany you while you explore the cave and visit the lake. Prepare to be astonished and delighted by its beautiful atmosphere.

    You will have some free time after your tour to the Cave to explore the Altinbesik National Park. In 1994, the area surrounding the cave was designated as a national park. It offers a very wide range of trees and designs. More specifically, there are 605 distinct plants, 69 of which are endemic. The park is a renowned destination for eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts.

    Because this tour includes a nature exploration, you should bring comfortable shoes and clothing. Please keep in mind that the timetable includes a lunch break. The bus will begin taking you back to Manavgat at the end of your last stop. The journey concludes in the afternoon, when you return to your accommodation in Manavgat with wonderful recollections.

Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat

The Altinbesik Cave Tour from Manavgat costs 49 € for adults, 29 € for children aged 6 to 12, and children under 6 years old are free.

Manavgat Hotels – 08:40


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Inflatable Boating
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Camera, Comfortable Shoes.

Description of Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat

    With a full-day tour from Manavgat, you may discover the breathtaking and majestic terrain of Altnbesik National Park as well as the notorious cave. The Altinbesik Cave excursion from Manavgat mixes cultural and natural discovery and is perfect for all travellers. Immerse yourself in rural customs, enjoy the Taurus Mountains, and be awed by the subterranean lake.

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Here is some information about the visiting places:

Green Canyon

    You’ll visit the Green Canyon on this outing. Due to its commanding location and elevation of 1250 meters, it provides views of the Oymapinari dam. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the beautiful tranquillity and the abundant vegetation. Remember to snap pictures while you are there.

Altinbesik Cave

    Three floors were built up in the cave, one on top of the other. While the topmost level is always dry, the lowest and intermediate levels are active during the wet season. You enter the cave using boats because it is on the water. A 15-minute boat ride across the turquoise-coloured pond is required. The lake’s depth can occasionally reach 15 meters. In the centre of the lake is a bridge constructed from a chunk of natural rock. A 44-meter-long hall is enclosed by an almost vertical travertine wall at the end of this lake.

    The cave has a high humidity level and an average temperature of 17 degrees. Stalactites and stalagmites are seen in various locations. Only in the summer and fall can you go into the cave. The cave is submerged in water from the stream in the winter and spring. The cave spontaneously shuts throughout certain seasons as a result.

Villages in the Taurus Mountains

    Stops to several of the Taurus Mountains’ ancient communities are also on the program. You will especially go to the towns of Brad, Ormana, and Sarhaclar. The villages’ deeply ingrained customs and distinctive architectural design make them well-liked tourist attractions. You may explore the area and see the infamous buttoned houses there. Their skeletons are constructed of wood and don’t contain any cement.

Altinbesik National Park

    Altinbesik Cave National Park is 678 meters above sea level on the western slope of the very steep Manavgat Valley. The valley where Altınbeşik Cave is located is covered with scrub and swamps. Mountains and caves are unusually common in the area around Altınbeşik National Park.
The first place to see in the national park is Altınbeşik Cave. The natural beauties you find in Manavgat Valley will, for sure, leave a mark in your memory. Let’s take a look at the details of what you can do in the village nearby and in the cave itself.

    Return: This all-day outing ends in the late afternoon. The bus will begin returning you to Manavgat by the time you reach your final stop. When you return to your hotel, you’ll be filled with beautiful memories and uplifting emotions.

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Questions & Answers

What should I carry with me on the Altinbesik Cave Tour from Manavgat?

The essential decent sun cream and, if desired, a sun hat. Good footwear is recommended due to the varied landscape and boat experience. Bring your camera or smartphone since there are several photo possibilities along the route! Extra money for beverages or snacks, and any presents or mementos you may want to buy throughout the day.

Is Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat appropriate for families?

Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat is for everyone who wants to learn more about their vacation spot. This is a fantastic opportunity for young and old, singles and families, Manavgat is going to astound you.

How much does Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat cost?

Altin Besik Cave Tour from Manavgat costs (price) 49 € for adults, 29 € for children 7 between 12 years old and children under 7 years old are free.

Reviews of Altinbesik Cave Tour from Manavgat

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Dillon Hatfield
Dillon Hatfield

Nice place. Must be visited by anyone who has time to


Amazing to go through the caves, a real eye opener. Tour guide was very helpful and informative. Highly recommended

Nathanael Hatfield
Nathanael Hatfield

Very qualified guide and a wonderful natural beauty 👌

Gemma O'Brien
Gemma O'Brien

Our guide was great fun and made our day enjoyable. Loved the music in the cave chamber. Time was well spent and well worth our money. The history of the caves and the region is conveyed with enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you very much.