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Join Excursions > Istanbul > Princess Island Tour From Istanbul

Princess Island Tour From Istanbul

    Island hopping is an exciting adventure to embark on when you are in a beautiful place. Fortunately, Turkey will also provide you with this adventure, as the region consists of Princess Island. It consists of a chain of nine small islands throughout the Marmara Sea. Of course, you will get a chance to explore these islands so you can swim in the ocean, bask in the sunlight, and recharge your energy. The day will be a great combination of adventure and relaxation for everyone.

    Princess Islands Tour from Istanbul is an unforgettable experience for those who want to escape the bustling city and immerse themselves in nature and history. Located in the Marmara Sea, these picturesque islands offer a unique blend of stunning scenery, ancient monasteries, serene beaches, and charming Ottoman-era mansions.

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What Is The Princess Island?

    Princess Island comprises nine islands that you can visit when you are in Turkey. The best part is that ferries go here daily to ensure that tourists can easily reach these islands. Keep in mind that public vehicles are not allowed on the islands.

    This is why you can rent a horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, or donkey to make your way through the islands. The islands are beautiful, and the homes are here, something out of a fairy tale. That is because many locals have their summer homes here to spend the summer on the beaches of this island.

Why Choose The Princess Island Tour From Istanbul?

     The Princess Island tour is more than just about relaxing in the sun and beaches. Instead, here are some other reasons that you must choose this tour:

  • Cruise Through The Important Monuments

     As we make our way to Princess Island, you will get to enjoy some of the most important monuments of Turkey from the sea. These include Galata Tower, Maiden’s Tower, Topkapi Palace, and many others. So, enjoy the views of these beautiful places from afar.

  • Learn About The Byzantine Empire

     During the Byzantine Empire, the princes used to come to these islands to relax to the fullest. As you make your way through the island, you will learn more about its history and where the name Princess Island has come from. So, you will also gain historical knowledge as we explore the region.

  • Get Away From The Busyness Of Istanbul

     Istanbul is one of the busiest city in Turkey, and you can easily get away from it by hopping on this tour. Princess Islands are a haven for relaxation as you will not have to make your way through busy streets and crowds. Anyone that wants to relax and recharge will enjoy this tour the most.

     The Princess Islands Tour from Istanbul is a must-do for anyone looking to get away from the city and experience the beauty and serenity of Turkey’s Marmara Sea region. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or just looking for a relaxing day trip, the Princess Islands have something to offer for everyone.

How much does Princess Island Tour From Istanbul cost?

Princess Island Tour From Istanbul costs (price) 30 € for adults, 20 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children under 4 years old are free.

Istanbul Hotels – 03:30


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Lunch (Fish Restaurant)
  • Sea Cruise To Island
  • English Guiding
  • Entrance Fees
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat.

The Princess Island Tour Program From Istanbul

The Princess Islands Tour from Istanbul offers a unique escape from the bustling city and a chance to immerse yourself in nature and history. These picturesque islands, located in the Marmara Sea, offer a delightful blend of stunning scenery, historic monasteries, serene beaches, and charming Ottoman-era mansions. Relax your senses, let go of tension, and enjoy the beauty of nature and the peacefulness of the islands while creating new memories with friends or family.

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Here is the complete itinerary of our Princess Island tour program from Istanbul:

Hotel Pickup:

First of all, you will be picked up from your hotel in Istanbul. Then you will be taken to the Golden Horn, where your trip will begin.

Ferry To Princess Islands:

At the Golden Horn, you will get on a ferry boat that will take you to Princess Island in half an hour. Make sure that you enjoy the ride and take loads of pictures while you are at it.

Enjoying The Heybeliada Island:

The first island you will stop at is Heybeliada Island, which is the 2nd largest island on the shore. The beauty of this island will absolutely mesmerize you because of the lush greenery and crystal-clear waters. You will enjoy the hospitable people, beautiful streets, and charming houses as you roam around.

Open Buffet On The Ferry Boat:

Once you are done exploring Heybeliada, you will hop on the ferry boat and make your way to the next island. During this time, you will be given an open buffet lunch break. So enjoy the meal before you reach the next destination.


Buyukada is the most famous island in the region, which is why your trip would be incomplete without coming here. It has an incredible charm that includes picture-perfect houses, a clock tower, churches, and much more. As you walk along the island, each corner will leave you breathless.

End Of Tour:

Eventually, your tour will end and you will be taken back to the Golden Horn by ferry. Then, after an adventurous day, you will be taken back to your hotel so that you can relax.

The Princess Islands Tour from Istanbul is a must-do for anyone looking to get away from the city and experience the beauty and serenity of Turkey’s Marmara Sea region. From the charming villages and historic monasteries to the stunning scenery and serene beaches, the Princess Islands offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Book your tour today and escape to this enchanting world.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a tour guide available for the Bursa day tour from Istanbul?

Yes, many tour companies offer guided tours of the Princess Islands, providing visitors with a knowledgeable guide who can offer information and insights about the history and culture of the islands.

How long is the ferry ride from Istanbul to the Princess Islands?

The ferry ride from Istanbul to the Princess Islands takes approximately one hour each way.

What is the cost of the Princess Island Tour from Istanbul?

Princess Island Tour From Istanbul is 50 € for adults, 30 € for children between age 4 and 9, and free for the children under 4 years old.

What is the price of Princess Island Tour From Istanbul?

It’s 30 € for adults, 20 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children under 4 years old are free.

Are the Princess Islands wheelchair accessible?

While some parts of the islands may be accessible for those in wheelchairs, it is best to check with our tour company in advance to ensure that the specific sights and attractions you wish to visit are accessible.

Is there a beach on the Princess Island?

Yes, there are several sandy beaches on the islands where visitors can relax and go swimming.

Reviews of Princess Island Tour From Istanbul

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Kelsey Porter
Kelsey Porter

The drive through the island was a breath of fresh air. The Prince Islands are so pretty. The first island is very calming, while the second is busy and bustling with tourists and locals. I loved the experience. We are planning to do it again whenever we come back to Istanbul😍


It felt like a meditation! Cute wooden houses, great seafood restaurants and a great day out away from the crowded Istanbul. You may snap some photos and feed the birds while the ship is moving, and you can also have some snacks from the coffee shop. Once you arrive on the island, you can move freely and enjoy the healthy air and amazing views. You can also sit in any coffee shop, and you can also rent a bike. W have seen amzing churches and the mountain, places were serene and pleasant. The islands are motor vehicle-free. Which means you can either rent out a bicycle, hire a horse carriage, or just walk around. This is a must-do!

Lisa Freeman
Lisa Freeman

All in all,a wonderful and memorable experience.If you have the time,visit those islands – you won’t regret it.