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Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

    Bursa is one of Turkey’s most important historical cities that is filled with various tourist attractions. These include mosques, monuments, and much more that you can explore from the early Ottoman Empire. Many people that want to engage in religious tourism can opt for the Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul. You will spend the day exploring archaeological sites, historic landscapes, and much more. So, you can count on it to be s day filled with relaxation yet excitement.

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Important Things To Know About Bursa

    Before you make up your mind about this tour, you might be wondering about what Bursa has to offer. The best part is that Bursa is a good mix of outdoor activities, food exploration, historic sites, and much more. Besides that, it is also one of the top destinations for winter sports.

    The most popular ski resort in Turkey is located in Bursa for you to explore during the winter. If you want to explore mountainous landscapes, great food, religious sites, and more, then Bursa will prove to be the perfect destination for you. You can make a stop here from Istanbul and explore it to your heart’s content.

Reasons To Choose Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

     Here are the top reasons to choose our Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul:

  • Explore The Community

     The one thing that almost everyone loves about this tour is that you will get to explore the Bursa community at its finest. Tour guide will ensure you sample the food that locals grow by venturing through the community markets. Besides that, you will also take a look at the Seljuk-style mosque to understand the history of Bursa.

  • Awe At The Majestic Landscapes

     There is nothing quite like the natural beauty and landscapes that you will find throughout Bursa. You will take a cable car up to Mount Olympus so that you can enjoy some of the best views. As you do, you will be in awe of the majestic beauty of Bursa.

  • Expert And Professional Guide

     You will be accompanied by expert and professional guide, that will provide you with interesting facts throughout the trip. These facts will allow you to learn more about Bursa as you explore the region. So, you will get enjoyment and information from one tour.

     Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Bursa day tour from Istanbul:

  1. Convenience: A day tour from Istanbul makes it easy for you to explore Bursa without having to worry about transportation and accommodation. You’ll have a professional guide who will take care of everything, from transportation to meal arrangements, so you can relax and enjoy the tour.
  2. Rich History and Culture: Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and is home to numerous architectural masterpieces and monuments that showcase its rich heritage. From the Green Mosque and the Grand Mosque to the Bursa Castle and the Cumalikizik village, you’ll get to experience the city’s rich history and culture up close and personal.
  3. Stunning Architecture: Bursa is renowned for its stunning Ottoman architecture, and you’ll get to see some of the best examples of it on a day tour. From the intricate tilework of the Green Mosque to the large dome of the Grand Mosque, you’ll be in awe of the city’s architectural beauty.
  4. Local Cuisine: Bursa is famous for its local cuisine, and you’ll have the opportunity to try some of its specialties on a day tour. From traditional Turkish dishes to delicious sweets, you’ll get to experience the flavors of Bursa and learn about its culinary heritage.
  5. Professional Guide: A professional guide will accompany you on the tour, providing you with valuable information about the city’s history, culture, and landmarks. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Bursa, its people, and its traditions.

How much does Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul cost?

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul costs (price) 30 € for adults, 20 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children under 4 years old are free.

Istanbul Hotels – 08:30


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Guiding
  • Entrance Fees
  • Bus With A/C
  • Ferry Ticket
  • Cable Car
  • Insurance
  • Lunch


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat.

The Bursa Day Tour Program From Istanbul

    Bursa, located in the Marmara region of Turkey, is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the authentic Turkish culture and history. The city, which was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, is filled with stunning architectural masterpieces and monuments that showcase the rich heritage of the empire. If you’re looking to explore Bursa and its surroundings, a day tour from Istanbul to Bursa is a convenient and efficient way to see the city’s highlights.

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Do you still need to figure out whether this tour program is right for you? Well, here is the complete itinerary of our Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul:

Hotel Pickup: A shuttle bus will pick you up from your hotel in Istanbul. Then you will be taken to the port, so you can start making your way to Bursa.

Car Ferry Ride: In order to reach Bursa, the Marmara Sea must be crossed, so you will stop at the port. You will board a ferry as you head towards the city. The views will be incredible throughout this journey.

Stop At Gemlik: Once the ferry ride is complete, you will make your way toward Gemlik so that you can have some free time to relax and explore the area. You can walk or enjoy activities such as ATV safari.

Relaxing In The Uludag Mountain: As soon as reaching Bursa, you will visit a plane tree over six centuries old, where you can take many pictures. Then, you will make your way toward Uludag Mountain, where you can enjoy a delicious local lunch. Next, you can explore the region and relax in the mountain setting.

Cable Care To Bursa City Centre: An aerial view of any area is a great way to explore it all from above. For further exploration, Bursa city centre will be reached by cable car. Here you will visit the Green Mosque, an incredible monument in the area.

Back To The Hotel: Once you explore the monuments, you will be taken back to the hotel in Istanbul. Here, you can make reminisce on the beautiful time you had as you recharge.

In conclusion, a Bursa day tour from Istanbul is a great way to experience the city’s rich history and culture. From its stunning architectural masterpieces to its charming villages and historical landmarks, Bursa has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and embark on this exciting adventure today!

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Questions & Answers

Is a Bursa day tour from Istanbul suitable for families with children?

Yes, a Bursa day tour from Istanbul is suitable for families with children. The tour provides a convenient and efficient way to see the city’s highlights and learn about its history and culture. Most of our tours are designed to be family-friendly and include stops at attractions that are educational and fun for children.

What should I bring on the Bursa day tour from Istanbul?

You should bring a comfortable pair of shoes, a hat or sunscreen for protection from the sun, and a camera to capture your memories of the tour. You should also bring sufficient cash for any additional purchases you may want to make, such as souvenirs or snacks.

How long does the Bursa day tour from Istanbul last?

The Bursa day tour from Istanbul last approximately 12 hours, including travel time.

What is the cost of a Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul?

The price for a Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul is €30 for adults, €20 for kids aged 4 to 9 and children under 4 years old are free.

Is it necessary for me to bring my passport?

While there will be no passport control, you must carry some kind of identification with you at all times in Turkey.

How do I get from Istanbul to Bursa?

The Bursa day trip from Istanbul includes transportation, usually by bus, from Istanbul to Bursa and return. You may reserve this tour through our website for a bus ride that lasts around two and a half hours.

Reviews of Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

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Heather Johns
Heather Johns

Thanks a lot everything was great!

Nana Hogan
Nana Hogan

A good value for the money, there are many options)
The cable car was breathtaking and ubelievebly beautiful.
The tour program is relaxing but not boring, the food is decent.,
All in all, the impression is bright, children really enjoyed it.


Really an alternative view of Turkey, I didn’t know that there were such places in here; Next time we’ll come skiing!
Lunch, guiding, and transportation: 5 stars.