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Hiking in Cappadocia

    You can explore Cappadocia in endless ways, but there is nothing like walking through the beautiful valleys and making your way across each one. All of these valleys have something majestic to offer to the wanderer, which is why you will fall in love with them in no time. Imagine walking through unique rock formations with hues of various colours that are meant to take your breath away. This is what the hiking in Cappadocia tour will offer to tingle all your senses.

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Exploring The Valleys Of Cappadocia Through Hiking 

    There are many valleys in Cappadocia that, include the Red Valley, Love Valley, Rose Valley, and many others, for you to explore through hiking and walking. All of them are natural wonders, with some of the most surreal rock formations you will find anywhere in the world. These valleys also include ancient cave cities to provide you with a glimpse into its history. 

    During the sunset, you will notice the rock formations reflect some beautiful colours. It is a sight you will never forget once you witness it. 

Highlights Of The Hiking In Cappadocia That People Love

    One of the most popular hiking routes in Cappadocia is the Rose Valley, named for the pinkish hue of the rocks at sunrise and sunset. This trail winds through a scenic canyon, past lush vineyards, fruit orchards, and rock-carved churches. The trail is suitable for hikers of all levels, with well-marked paths and plenty of places to rest and take in the views.

Here are some top highlights of the hiking in Cappadocia tour that you will love: 

  • Take Pictures Of The Majestic Landscapes

    You will get to stop and take pictures of the majestic landscapes throughout the tour. That is why you must bring your camera to the tour so that you can take back some incredible memories with you. It will enable you to look back to this day and tap into the experience once more. 

  • Walk And Explore The Culture And History

    Explore the culture and history of Cappadocia as you walk through the valleys. People used to live here, and they used to be proper settlements back in the day. Because of this, the tour will also prove to be a learning experience. 

  • Professional Guide Services 

    The professional guide service will be with you throughout the tour. They will give you a comprehensive explanation of everything you need to know about the valleys and the surroundings. Don’t forget to pay attention if you want to leave with some incredible facts. 

How much does Hiking in Cappadocia cost?

Cappadocia Hiking Tour costs (price) 35 € for adults, 20 € for children 4 between 12 years old.

Cappadocia Hotels – 09:00


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Guiding Service
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat.

Description of Hiking in Cappadocia

    Hiking in Cappadocia is an experience unlike any other. Nestled in the heart of Turkey, Cappadocia boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, with towering rock formations, winding valleys, and ancient underground cities. It’s no wonder that this region has become a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and natural beauty.

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Here is the complete itinerary for the hiking in Cappadocia tour: 

Pickup From Hotel:

A professional driver and car will come to pick you up from your hotel. Then, you will make your way to Cappadocia. 

Exploring Red And Rose Valleys:

You will make your way to the Red and Rose Valleys, which have some of the most beautiful formations you will find in the entire region. The best part is that the entire valley can range from shades of pink to red, depending on the sunlight. 

You can take a lot of pictures or just take in the views while you hike. The views are something you will not find at the rest of Cappadocia. Make sure that you take note of how the sun affects the colour of the rock formations, as it is a mesmerizing sight to experience. 

Wandering The Majestic Ihlara And Pigeons’ Valley:

The Ihlara Valley is a sight to behold, as you will find many monasteries and churches carved into the rocks. There is a lot to explore here, including the landscape that has a deep gorge. Then, you will make your way to the Pigeons’ Valley, where you will enjoy the best views of Cappadocia from the top. 

The Beautiful Love And Zemi Valleys:

Of course, your last stop will be the Love and Zemi Valleys, which is another experience, as you will find many rocks that look like mushrooms. Don’t forget to take some incredible pictures here to remember these formations. Finally, you can also take in the views of the vineyards, tunnels, turtles, and much more that exist on this majestic piece of land. 

Back To The Hotel:

The tour will be complete after sunset when the professional driver drives you back to your hotel. The hiking tour will tire you out but provide you with some fantastic memories you will remember for your entire life. So, make sure you book this tour today to have the time of your life. 

To summarise, hiking in Cappadocia is an experience that no outdoor enthusiast should pass up. Cappadocia is a hiker’s paradise, with a range of paths appropriate for walkers of all levels, breathtaking scenery at every turn, and a rich cultural legacy. So lace up your boots, gather your kit, and prepare to explore one of the world’s most gorgeous locations.

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Questions & Answers

How difficult are the hiking trails in Cappadocia?

The difficulty of the hiking trails in Cappadocia varies depending on the route. Some trails are relatively easy and suitable for beginner hikers, while others are more challenging and require a higher level of fitness and experience.

How do I book the Hiking in Cappadocia?

Booking a hiking tour in Cappadocia can be done through our website online with best price guarantee.

What is the cost of hiking in Cappadocia?

The cost of the Cappadocia Hiking Tour is €35 for adults and €20 for kids aged 4 to 12 years old.

Reviews of Hiking in Cappadocia

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The tour was clearly planned without a single confusion. A comfortable bus and very interesting guide stories made the tour unforgettable. Thanks a lot!!!

Alexandra Drury
Alexandra Drury

The route was excellent, not too tiring at all.Guide Mehmet is such a cool guy,great sense of humor and a good storyteller..
We highly recommend this tour

K. Tope
K. Tope

I booked this hiking tour for a group of 7 people.
The manager told me everything in detail, gave advice on all aspects. And what id like to mention, offered us a discount as we were a group.
The manager and later our guide both spoke nearly perfect english
I might be wrong, but I think manager’s name was Daniel. Thank you.!
The tour was a great pleasure for all of us.!