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Cappadocia Camel Riding

  Cappadocia Camel Riding

    Join this extraordinary tour with an expert tour guide on a unique exploration of Cappadocia by camel. The safari is designed to help you cross different valleys and towns easily. An excellent thing about the camel is that you will not feel exhausted on the trip early. The tour will also allow you to enjoy better flexibility because it can be booked during sunrise, afternoon, or sunset. Valleys and various rock formations will be covered during the tour. Instructors will also guide you on controlling the camel and riding safely.

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Landscape Of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia has a rocky landscape with various terrains easily accessible by foot. The region’s structure makes it easier to explore on a camel than on well-developed cars. This mode of transportation will allow you to visit different valleys and rock formations.

    The landscape of Cappadocia is constantly changing, and each turn brings a new and breathtaking view. The region is known for its fairy chimneys, unique rock formations that have been shaped by erosion over thousands of years. Riding through the valleys, visitors can see ancient churches and monasteries carved into the rocks, adding to the charm and intrigue of the region.

Why Camel Rides in Cappadocia Are Popular?

    Camel rides are popular because they prevent you from getting exhausted. You will also be at a specific height and have a better view of the famous attractions. Riding the animal also does not require prior experience, making it suitable for those afraid of ATV and hot air balloon rides.

    Another reason behind the popularity of these rides is that they are highly affordable. You can explore famous parts of Cappadocia without worrying about walking long distances.

Reasons To Choose The Cappadocia Camel Riding

    Cappadocia camel riding is a popular activity that allows visitors to explore the area in a unique and leisurely way. The camels are well-trained and gentle, making it a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages. The camel rides typically last between one and two hours, and take visitors through some of the most picturesque parts of Cappadocia.

    The primary reason people choose this Cappadocia Camel Ride is because of its highly affordable pricing. Other things to help you make an informed decision are:

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Thrill seekers love camel rides more than walking and ATV
  • A guide and instructor will be available to help you
  • A safe route is designed to prevent people from getting lost
  • Affordable pricing

How much does Cappadocia Camel Riding cost?

Cappadocia Camel Riding costs (price) 40 € for adults, 35 € for children 4 to 12 years old and children under 4 are not permitted to ride with the camels.

Get A Professional Photographer

    You will also have the option of hiring a professional photographer when you choose this tour. If you want that, you can ride without a care in the world, as professional photography takes care of your needs. You will have wonderful memories without even lifting a finger to make it happen. For this, we ask you to let us know when we will contact you.

    If you want to include a professional photographer in your tour, it will cost around 160 €. This price includes digital copies of all the photos taken during the tour (over 150 photos), digital copies of the videos taken and ten printed photos of your choice.

Cappadocia Hotels

Please ask for the pick up time


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Professional English Guiding
  • Camel Ride (1 Hour)
  • Training Service
  • All Equipments
  • Insurance


  • Professional Photographer ( Optional )
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes, seasonally appropriate clothing, and sunglasses.

Description of Cappadocia Camel Riding

    In Cappadocia, camel riding is another eco-friendly pastime. The sensitive environment of the area is not harmed by the gentle camels. In this area, they have really been utilised as a form of transportation for centuries. A sustainable method to enjoy the area’s beauty without having a big negative influence on the ecosystem is to ride a camel.

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Below is the program for Cappadocia Camel Riding:

Transfer To The Ranch:

An experienced driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cappadocia. The primary aim of the driver is to take you to the ranch, where camels are located. Remember, the expert can pick you up at sunset, sunrise, or afternoon.

The pickup time will mainly depend on the package you have chosen. A photographer will also accompany you throughout the trip if you choose the professional option.

Guidance Session With Instructors:

At the ranch, a licensed instructor will share details of riding a camel. The expert will also offer guidance on safety tips and controlling the animal easily. Proper gear for the ride will also be offered to help you stay secure.

It would be best if you petted the camel before getting on it and riding it during the tour. This will allow you to bond with the creature and control it better when you sit on it.

Camel Ride Begins:

The ride will begin at a unique valley in Cappadocia. You will be allowed to explore the entire site on your camel. A tour guide will also be present to give authentic and interesting information. Remember, you will reach different fairy chimneys and rock formations on the safari.

This tour will last for one hour or above to help you immerse yourself in different locations. The guide may also include old villages in your itinerary, such as Cavusin Village. You can respect the picturesque locations and their cultural importance by signing up for this tour.

Photo Breaks:

Whenever you reach a different location during the ride, you will be offered a few photo breaks to capture aesthetic moments. These images will remain as memories and offer you excellent shots for posting on social media.

Transfer To The Hotel:

Once the one hour is over, you will not have to worry about the rest of the day. You will return to the ranch with the camel after exploring the last site. All safety equipment must be given back for a better experience.

In conclusion, Cappadocia camel riding is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines the beauty of nature, the charm of local culture, and the gentle nature of camels. It is an activity that should be on every traveler’s bucket list when visiting Turkey. So, hop on a camel, and ride through the stunning valleys of Cappadocia to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Questions & Answers

Is it necessary to book in advance for camel riding in Cappadocia?

It is recommended to book in advance for camel riding in Cappadocia, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability.

How much does it cost to ride a camel in Cappadocia?

Camel riding in Cappadocia costs 40 € for adults, 35 € for children aged 4 to 12, and children under 4 are not able to ride with the camels.

What should I wear for camel riding in Cappadocia?

It is recommended to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing and closed-toe shoes. It is also important to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Should I hire a private professional photographer?

Even if your mobile phone model is top and best, it can never take better pictures than the Nikon camera used by professional photographers. Especially in the unique panoramic and magical atmosphere of Cappadocia, it would be the right choice to hire a photographer.

Can children ride camels in Cappadocia?

Yes, children can ride camels in Cappadocia. The camel rides are suitable for all ages.

Is camel riding safe in Cappadocia?

Yes, camel riding in Cappadocia is safe. The camels are well-trained and gentle, making it a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Reviews of Cappadocia Camel Riding

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Camels are very majestic and at the same time kind and sweet; it was very interesting and informative to spend time with them. Mine was apparently a little hungry and tried to eat some grass at every opportunity. I was scared to roll on his neck. Our instructor quickly fed him, and now we were sure that this cutie wouldn’t eat us. The verdict – it was a great ride, camel are the cutest creatures, also got some wonderful photos and landscapes.

Harriett Parks
Harriett Parks

We felt like real bedouins in these martian reliefs!!! Children were very excited)) Thanks for the impressions and greetings from England!