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Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari

    Satisfy your thrill-seeking needs by going on Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari. This option will help you get across different rocky landscapes in the region without much trouble. You can explore unique valleys and enjoy natural landscapes. The best part is that the fresh air of the region will also help you stay calm and immerse yourself in the tour. Many people also love this tour because you don’t need any driving experience to ride quad bikes. The trip is designed for adults and young ones.

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Landscape Of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia was formed because of the erosion of ash from three mountains along with lava. The primary result of this phenomenon is the rocky landscape of Cappadocia. Many valleys and old villages are present in the region.

    You will also come across various cliffs on your tour. Fairy chimneys and castles are also famous attractions in Cappadocia. All these things make the region best for thrilling ATV rides.

Why Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia Is Popular?

    Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari are mainly designed for those with high adrenaline rush needs. People go on such trips to boost their system and enjoy a thrilling ride. It also saves them the trouble of walking long distances.

    After all, covering rocky structures can be hard on foot. ATV tours are relatively affordable, so participants don’t have to worry about their budget. The tour also makes it easier to cover more locations in low time, making it an excellent option for those who are in the region for a day or two only.

Why Choose The Cappadocia ATV (Quad Bike) Tour?

    The Cappadocia Quad Safari is a guided tour that takes you on a journey through the valleys, hills, and rocky paths of this ancient region. You will start your adventure with a briefing on safety measures and the basics of operating a quad bike. Once you feel comfortable and confident, you will be ready to hit the road.

Here are the top reasons to choose the Cappadocia ATV (Quad Bike) Tour:

  • You are offered safety guidance before the tour begins
  • A safe route is designed for high convenience
  • Unique valleys that are hard to access by foot or large vehicles are included in the tour
  • Round-trip transportation is offered
  • You can choose flexible timings
  • A guide will also accompany you to offer peace of mind about security

How much does Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari cost?

Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari costs (pricing) 30 € for a single driver and 40 € for two drivers (Two people on one Quad)

Cappadocia Hotels 

Sessions: 08:30 – 13.00 – 16.00


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Quad Biking (1 Hour)
  • English Guiding
  • Helmet
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos & Videos

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes, Sun Glasses, Suncream, Extra Clothes, Camera..

Description of Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari

    Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari is an exciting outdoor adventure that takes you on a thrilling ride through the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia in Turkey. With its unique geological formations, fairy chimneys, and historical sites, Cappadocia is a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. And there is no better way to explore its beauty than by hopping on a quad bike and experiencing the thrill of riding through its rugged terrain.

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Here is the schedule of the Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari:

Transfer From The Hotel:

Depending on your tour time, a driver will be stationed outside your hotel at the designated time. The expert will take you to the meeting point, which will be the quad or ATV station.

The tour company always chooses an ATV station near the point from where the tour will begin. This will help you save time by avoiding long hours or minutes of transportation to the tour location.

Guidance Session:

A licensed instructor from the station will teach you the basic mechanisms of an ATV. You will learn how to ride the bike within a few minutes. The instructor will also offer tips on riding the Quad safely.

You will also be provided with safety gear at the end of the sessions. This may be knee pads or a helmet, depending on the station. The tour guide will also discuss the route to give you an overview of the tour.

The Tour Begins At Love Valley:

The typical location for beginning the Cappadocia ATV Tour is the Love Valley. This site is famous for its natural setting and phallic mushrooms. You can take amazing pictures at the location.

Remember, the starting point may vary depending on the timing and other factors. So you should not expect Love Valley to be the beginning point always.

Exploring Other Valleys:

From the first valley, you will drive to other valleys in Cappadocia and explore them. At least two more valleys will be covered in this section. Some popular options include Rose and Red Valleys.

A short break for photos may also be offered during this section. You can also ask questions from the guide to learn more about this part of Cappadocia.

Sword Valley And Cavusin Village:

Sword Valley is always included in Cappadocia ATV tours because of the location’s scenery. Fairy chimneys offer an aesthetic backdrop for pictures and immersing yourself in the region.

An old Greek village called Cavusin Village is the usual final spot of the tour. You can see houses carved onto cliffs in this area. The castle of this region may also be visited by quad bikes.

Dropoff At The Hotel:

Finally, you will drive back to the quad station or meeting point after exploring Cavusin Village. A designated driver will take you back to your hotel in Cappadocia from there.

In conclusion, the Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia is an exciting adventure that combines the thrill of riding a quad bike with the natural beauty and history of Cappadocia. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the region’s hidden treasures and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a unique way to experience the Turkish countryside, the Cappadocia Quad Safari is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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Questions & Answers

Do I need experience to ride a quad bike in Cappadocia?

 No, you do not need any previous experience to ride a quad bike. The tour guides will provide a safety briefing and teach you how to handle the bike.

What is the cost of the Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari?

The price of a Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari is 30 € for a single driver and 35 € for two drivers (Two people on one Quad)

What is the minimum age to ride a quad bike?

The minimum age to ride a quad bike is 18 years old and need a driver licence. Children over 12 can ride as passengers with an adult.

Is it safe to ride a quad bike in Cappadocia?

Yes, it is safe to ride a quad bike in Cappadocia. The tour guides are experienced riders, and safety gear is provided, including helmets and goggles.

Reviews of Cappadocia Quad Bike Safari

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Jacob Monroe
Jacob Monroe

I enjoyed everything in this tour, if you want some break from a beach holiday, then you really gotta join this one! Special thanks to the instructors! Cool and funny fellas, added lots of positive vibes to the activity!;)

Gordon Rees
Gordon Rees

I highly recommend this activity, it is just the perfect one for groups, fun and very refreshing!! Thank you for the amazing experience!!!

Dean Andrews
Dean Andrews

Dream ride! Instructors were pros! Im hoping to be back next year!