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Join Excursions > Alanya > Pamukkale Tour from Alanya

Pamukkale Tour from Alanya

    Enjoy a breathtaking tour of Pamukkale, famously known as the Cotton Palace. The tour guide will take you through the unique structures of the city, such as white travertines, thermal springs, Hierapolis, a history museum, and much more. This tour is the perfect opportunity to enhance your cultural knowledge of Turkey and immerse yourself in Pamukkale’s rich history. So enjoy this gem of Turkey by joining us on this one-day Pamukkale Tour from Alanya.

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Overview Of Pamukkale History:

    Pamukkale dates back to the 2nd century BC during the discovery of Hierapolis. This thermal city has the best springs in Turkey with rich cultural history. The place has been home to different civilizations throughout the various centuries.

    The name Pamukkale has been given to the city because of its white rocks that give a cotton-like appearance. Remember, this region is called Cotton Castle by many locals and tourists.

Geography Of Pamukkale:

    This city’s landscape is unlike other regions in Turkey because of the white travertines due to mineral traces. Water moves through the limestone hills and travels down in a mesmerizing motion. This natural wonder will capture your heart in no time because of its high beauty. Another unique thing about Pammukale’s landscape is that the city can be spotted 20 km away from Denizli due to its mesmerizing structures. 

Why Pamukkale Tour Is Popular?

    Pamukkale Tour is popular for many reasons, such as its rich cultural offerings. History lovers can learn more about the city’s background, explore a museum, and view famous monuments. Remember, all these things will be included in our Pamukkale Tour for a pleasant experience.

    Visitors also love to travel to this region to avoid the bustling city life with huge crowds and noisy atmosphere. The serenity of Pamukkale will rejuvenate your soul and offer you inner peace. Taking pictures also allows visitors to make lifetime memories.

Why Choose The Alanya To Pamukkale Tour?

    The Alanya to Pamukkale Tour is a one-day trip that many people opt for because of the luxurious experience and affordable pricing. Here are other reasons to choose this tour for your next trip:

  1. Immerse yourself in the travertine rocks at Pamukkale
  2. Explore Hierapolis with the professional guide
  3. You will be allowed to swim in thermal pools with healing benefits
  4. Transfer to and from the hotel is included
  5. Natural and cultural offerings of the tour are plenty

How much does Pamukkale Tour from Alanya cost?

For the daily trip from Alanya to Pamukkale, you have two options to choose from: the Classic and the All-Inclusive package.

For the Classic package, the price is 34 euros for adults and 19 euros for children aged 4 to 11. Children up to and including 4 years travel free of charge. The all-inclusive package costs 64 euros for adults and 39 euros for children between 4 and 11 years old. Here too, children up to 4 years travel free. You can easily select your desired package using our booking form.

Alanya Hotels – 03:30

There are two tour options available: Classic and All-Inclusive. 

The Classic option includes:

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Bus with Full A/C
  • Guiding Service
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Insurance

The All-Inclusive option includes:

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Entrance Fee To Pamukkale
  • Entrance Fee To Hierapolis
  • Entrance Fee To Necropolis
  • Bus with Full A/C
  • Guiding Service
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Full Insurance


  • Cleopatra's Pool Entrance Fee
  • Personal Expenses

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Towel, Swimsuits, Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Camera.

The Complete Program Of The Pamukkale Tour From Alanya

    Explore one of the most endearing and stunning cities in the nation by taking the day trip from Alanya to Pamukkale. The Alanya to Pamukkale Day Trip is perfect for everyone since it caters to a variety of interests and provides an incredible balance of enjoyment, sightseeing, and cultural exploration. Wish to learn more?

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  Here is a complete overview of the Pamukkale Tour from Alanya to help you prepare better:

Pickup From Alanya:

Tour guides will pick you up from your hotel in Alanya on an air-conditioned bus. Be sure to wear comfy clothing and shoes because the trip will include a lot of walking after reaching Pamukkale.

Breakfast In Korkuteli:

No need to worry about waking up early to have breakfast at the hotel because we will cover it on the trip. Your bus will stop at Korkuteli to help you grab breakfast and snacks for the ride.

Exploring Pamukkale:

After Korkuteli, no stops will be made until arrival at Pamukkale. During the ride, you can enjoy the scenery of Denizli province. Many mountains in the backdrop will also offer you an opportunity to take aesthetic snaps of nature.

Tour guide will take you to the white travertine rocks of Pamukkale, where you can take beautiful pictures. You will also see thermal springs and can swim in them for healing benefits. Many people enjoy an exceptional skin glow after swimming at Pamukkale.

Denizli City:

The city of Denizli will be the location of a further stop. You will be able to take in some panoramic views of the majestic Cotton Castle because this is the city that is closest to Pamukkale. An open buffet meal is available in Denizli for an additional fee.

Sightseeing Hierapolis:

After lunch, the tour guide will take you to Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Pamukkale. You will learn more about its history to enhance your knowledge. The final stop will be the Roman Amphitheatre before leaving Pamukkale.

Cotton Castle:

Your tour will continue with a stop at the iconic Cotton Castle. You will be in awe of its white-washed mountain’s intimidating majesty and natural beauty. Natural ponds on the mountain are filled with hot springs water. There, you may take some lovely pictures or go swimming in the Cleopatra’s pool.


In Denizli, dinner will be served in a neighbourhood eatery. Following supper, the bus will depart on its return trip to Alanya stopping briefly at Alanya along route.

Back To Alanya:

Late in the evening, plan to return to your accommodation. You’ll have lots of wonderful memories and good sentiments by that point.

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Questions & Answers

Is it necessary for children to pay to attend the historical places on the day of the Pamukkale Tour from Alanya?

Children from 0 to 6 years old will be admitted free of charge to Hierapolis and Pamukkale if evidence of age is shown. The entrance price to Cleopatra’s pool is decreased. 

Is there anything additional I have to pay for on the Pamukkale Tour from Alanya?

If you book the basic from Alanya to Pamukkale Trip, admission to the historical sites are extra fees that must be paid locally. They are included in the all-inclusive trip fee. You will be obliged to pay for drinks taken during the day.

What should I bring with me on the Pamukkale Tour from Alanya?

Bring decent walking shoes, a swimsuit, sunglasses, and towels. A decent sun hat is also recommended because there is no shade when ascending the travertines. Please remember that you are not permitted to wear shoes when walking through the travertines. This isn’t an issue because they’re simple to scale, but someone will be on hand to double-check. This regulation is in place to protect the whiteness and purity of the rocks themselves, and no, flip-flops are not permitted.
Carry your camera for those great moments along the route, and remember to bring some money. Not only for beverages or snacks to accompany your meals but also for those presents or mementos that will definitely attract your attention.

Will I like this Pamukkale Tour from Alanya if I dislike climbing?

At first appearance, the travertines appear to be a challenging ascent. If you take things carefully, you’ll be astonished at how simple it is. Of course, the kids can nearly sprint to the summit!

Who is this Pamukkale Tour from Alanya suitable for?

The Pamukkale Tour from Alanya is for everyone who wants to experience something different and enjoy Turkey’s antique side. It is feasible for those who are less physically capable to take the bus to the top of the Travertines and yet enjoy the vistas and the historic city itself. The carriages are air conditioned and spacious. Smaller children may find the day exhausting, however breaks are scheduled throughout the day.

What is the price of Pamukkale Tour from Alanya?

The price of Pamukkale Tour from Alanya is 34 € for adults, 19 € for kids aged 6 to 12, and kids under 6 are free.

Can I swim in the Pamukkale pools?

The travertine pools themselves are shallow and unsuitable for swimming, however you are encouraged to paddle. Cleopatra’s pool is better suitable for a leisurely swim and requires an admission charge that is payable locally.

Reviews of Pamukkale Tour from Alanya

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Bram V Oeveren
Bram V Oeveren

Really great. That is a place I have never seen before. Really pleasant experience. My kids loved it. Unsuitable for disabled people. Before ascending to the travertine, make sure to use the restroom. Provide a restroom at the beginning near where the automobiles halt. Everything is correct as it is described on the site.

Justine Brown
Justine Brown

I thought I was in a fairy tale when I saw these white rocks, it’s an amazing beauty.

Shahbaz T.
Shahbaz T.

Natural beauty, excellent tour leader. Our tour guide was kind, upbeat, and provided us useful information and entertaining stories without being overbearing. Hierapolis, hot springs, and travertine pools are historical context. Excellent facilities and stunning views. There are offered snacks and beverages; bring enough money. It was lovely.

Raminta Meškinytė
Raminta Meškinytė

Pamukkale is breathtaking, and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the city’s history and Heirapolis. Our tour guide and driver were punctual, courteous, and helpful, and they contributed to making our day memorable. They were fantastic, and I even used them to plan a Cappadocia tour. I will definitely recommend this tour. Thanks

Ulrica Eriksson
Ulrica Eriksson

It was a brilliant day! Our tour driver arrived on time to pick me up. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable. He taught us a lot about Turkish history, culture, and way of life. He taught me a lot of things. The places we visited were great. I apologize for not being informed (or for missing this information) to bring my swimwear for the antique pool. Anyway, I had a good time at the Cotton Castle.

Ghada Khmiri
Ghada Khmiri

The Pamukkale tour was fantastic. The view is one-of-a-kind. The tour guide and driver were excellent. The tour guide is extremely chatty. We made a pit stop at a restaurant where we could eat and drink. If you want to swim in the Kleopatra swimming pool, you must pay the entrance fee yourself, which was approximately 10 euros. Bring a towel with you. Everyone should try it.