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Join Excursions > Alanya > Alanya Land Of Legends Night Show

Alanya Land Of Legends Night Show

Alanya Land Of Legends Night Show comes alive at night, which engages you in dazzling performances. Sway with the rhythmic tunes as a magical boat parade passes you, or look to the sky to get mesmerized by a unique fireworks show.

A power-packed display of acrobatics, dance, and much more will mesmerize you. Kids will also enjoy the night because of special parades for them.

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The Night Show at the Land of Legends is a spectacular event in Alanya that will help you have an enjoyable evening. With musical processions and storytelling performances, it promises to make your night unforgettable. The atmosphere throughout the night will provide you with the opportunity to create lasting memories. In the enchanting world of Alanya, a delightful evening awaits you with the Land of Legends Night Show.

Why Do People Love Land Of Legends Night Show From Alanya?

An exhilarating experience full of fun, joy, and laughter is what the Land of Legends Night Show offers to people. This is why tourists and locals are attracted to it.

The show takes place in the Land of Legends Theme Park, which has thrilling rides like rollercoasters and massive Waterparks. People also arrive early to enjoy other rides for an adrenaline rush before the night show begins. If you also want to have a fantastic day before the night show, you can spend your day at the Land of Legends theme park and join the evening show after.

You can learn the details of the daytime tour from the link below:

Reasons To Join Us On Land Of Legends Night Show From Alanya

Here is why you should choose this Land of Legends Night Show from Alanya:

  • Free transport to and from the hotel
  • Access to a magical boat parade, fireworks show, kid-friendly performances, shopping carts, and more
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • An expert guide to make your experience more educational
  • An opportunity to enjoy a fun day with your kids or a romantic evening with your partner

Alanya Land of Legends Night Show Ticket Prices

The price for this unforgettable “Land of Legends Night Show from Alanya” experience is 20 euros per person for those aged 3 and above. Children under 3 years old can participate for free.

Alanya Hotels18:15


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Entrance Fee
  • Guided tour service
  • Free Time In Theme Park
  • Boat Parade
  • Activities for children
  • Fireworks show
  • Shopping opportunities
  • Insurance


  • Personal Spendings
  • Food & Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

Land of Legends Night Show: Where Myth Meets Magic Under the Stars

Prepare to be dazzled, awed, and transported to a world of wonder at the Land of Legends Night Show! As the sun dips below the horizon, the legendary theme park comes alive with an electrifying spectacle of light, music, and artistry.

Dive into a world of myth and magic at Land of Legends’ unforgettable night show! As the sun dips below the horizon, the Land of Legends theme park transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors and wonder.


  • A dazzling boat parade illuminated by a thousand twinkling lights, gliding across a mirror-like lake
  • Thrilling acrobatic feats defying gravity, leaving you breathless with awe.
  • A captivating musical extravaganza that whisks you away to faraway lands, with melodies that linger long after the curtain falls.
  • Fountains erupting in a symphony of light and water, painting the night sky with rainbows.
  • It’s a feast for the senses, a journey into the heart of legend, a spectacle that will leave you starry-eyed. 

So grab your loved ones, hold onto your hats, and prepare to be amazed, enthralled, and utterly enchanted by the Land of Legends night show.
Remember, the magic only happens after dark!

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Tour Program Of Land Of Legends Night Show From Alanya

Let’s look at the Land of Legends Night Show from Alanyato help you understand better:

Hotel Pickup

A friendly and experienced driver will pick you up in a comfy vehicle from your hotel in Alanya. Enjoy the region’s scenery as you reach the magical Land of Legends Park, where the night show will occur.

Enjoying Musical Fountains

Immerse yourself in the musical fountains that dance to rhythmic tunes. It will offer you a unique view of the evening sky and help you prepare for more fun activities.

A Magical Parade

One of the highlights of the Land of Legends Night Show is its boat parade. Multiple boats, each lit up in a different color, will pass by you. The best thing is that synchronized music will be playing on the ships.

Fireworks Program

The night will become more exciting as the sky becomes filled with colors. This fireworks program is unlike others because of a mesmerizing display unique to the night show.

Kid-Friendly Parade

Kids enjoy the night show because of friendly activities such as Masha and the Bear Parade. This spectacle will add a splash of cuteness and fun to your kid’s life.

Performers will be dressed as different characters from the show and move in a boat waving to your kids. Children can take pictures with the parade in the background for lifetime memories.

Exciting Performances

The highlight of the Land of Legends Night Show is the thrilling performances that take place after the parades. Among these, there is an acrobatic show where local performers showcase their talents.

Moreover, you will witness a spectacular spectacle that combines balance, gravity, and risk, providing you with an adrenaline rush. Following that, there will be a jet-pack performance featuring acrobatics on the water.

Shopping Opportunity

During the breaks between shows, you can shop from world-famous brands at affordable prices. Whether you’re in search of unique souvenirs to cherish the memories or the latest fashion trends to elevate your style, there’s an abundance of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Drop-off at the Hotel

When the night concludes, so does the Land of Legends Night Show. The driver who brought you to the park will take you back to your hotel. You can spend the rest of the night reminiscing about the beautiful performances you enjoyed with pleasure.


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Questions & Answers

Can I purchase tickets for the Land of Legends Night Show in advance?

Yes, it is advisable to book tickets in advance to secure your spot for the Land of Legends Night Show from Alanya. This can often be done online for convenience.

How much does the Alanya Land of Legends Night Show tickets cost?

Discover the magical “Land of Legends Night Show” in Alanya, an enchanting evening that promises to captivate guests of all ages. Tickets are priced at just 20 euros per person for everyone aged three and above. Children under three can experience the magic free of charge. Join us for a night of wonder and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Why should you attend the Land of Legends Night Show?

The show offers an exciting experience full of fun, joy, and laughter. With complimentary transportation, magical parades, and entertaining performances, it is attractive to both tourists and locals alike.

Where does the Land of Legends Night Show take place?

The show takes place in the Land of Legends Theme Park, located in Antalya.

Are there special activities for children during the show?

Yes, there are child-friendly parades and activities, including the Masha and the Bear Parade, to make the evening especially entertaining for the little visitors.

What is the Land of Legends Night Show in Alanya?

The Land of Legends Night Show is a fascinating nighttime event in Alanya featuring impressive musical parades, fireworks, and exciting performances.

What highlights does the Night Show offer?

The show includes a magical boat parade, impressive fireworks, family-friendly performances, acrobatic displays, and much more.

Reviews of Land of Legends Night Show from Alanya

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Fantastic evening! Had so much fun, the acts were all amazing. Worth every penny!


So good! Can’t recommend this enough, it’s a must-do in Alanya. Props to the whole team.

Richard Upton
Richard Upton

A Wonderful Night Out – This show is a fantastic way to spend an evening. The production values are high, and the entertainment factor is even higher.

Phil Shieber
Phil Shieber

Visually Stunning – I was blown away by the visual presentation of the show. It’s clear that a lot of thought and effort has gone into this production.


A delightful experience from start to finish. The show is well-paced, and the performers are all stars. Highly recommend making time for this one.


Such a fab show! The vibes were amazing, and the acts? Mind-blowing!