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Alanya Dolphins Show

Alanya Dolphins Show: Experience the world’s epitome of compassion and friendliness by visiting the dolphinarium in Alanya. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with joy and exhilaration, where trained dolphins not only dance but also play alongside you. As you sway to the music and sing along, witness the remarkable sight of seals and dolphins engaging in a playful game of basketball. Marvel at the profound connection between dolphins and their trainers, showcased through their intricate interactions and responses. Additionally, seize the unique chance to get up close with these magnificent creatures, capturing memorable moments through photographs. Don’t miss this unforgettable encounter that promises to delight and amaze.

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Experience the wonder and enchantment of our marine spectacle, where the ocean’s most captivating creatures showcase their talents. Our expert trainers, equipped with a variety of props like balls and hoops, will guide dolphins, seals, and sea lions through a mesmerizing array of tricks and activities. This hour-long show is not just a display of aquatic agility but an interactive experience. You’ll have the chance to get up close with these intelligent animals, touching, embracing, and even sharing a kiss or a conversation. Remember to capture these moments of awe-inspiring acrobatics with plenty of photos—this adventure is one for the memory books!

For those seeking an even more intimate encounter, we offer the exclusive opportunity to swim with the dolphins after the show. This activity is open to guests of all ages, making it a perfect family experience. In small groups of four to six, participants will enter the pool for a fifteen-minute session, swimming alongside these graceful beings. If you’re interested in joining this once-in-a-lifetime event, please let us know. Note that swimmers must be at least six years old and possess basic swimming skills to partake in the dolphin swim. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to connect with the ocean’s most beloved inhabitants.

How much does Alanya Dolphins Show cost?

Alanya Dolphins Show costs (price) 35 € per person, 35 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children 3 and under 3 years old are free.

Enhance your dolphin adventure with the ultimate experience of swimming with these magnificent creatures! Book our Dolphin Show program along with our Swimming with Dolphins program, and get a discounted price. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make unforgettable memories with these intelligent and graceful animals.

You can find all information about the Swimming with Dolphins program at the link below:

Alanya Hotels

Please ask for pick up time


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Dolphin Show Program
  • Entrance Fee
  • Insurance


  • Professional Photos And Videos
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Photos & Videos

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Hat, Sun Glasses, and Camera

Description of Alanya Dolphins Show

Experience the enchantment of the Alanya Dolphins Show, a captivating hour-long spectacle where dolphins glide through the water, soar into the air, and engage in playful antics with an array of props, including balls and hoops. This immersive program doesn’t just end with a show; it offers a unique opportunity to interact closely with these intelligent marine creatures. After the performance, seize the chance to play with the dolphins and create unforgettable memories. A professional photographer will be on hand to capture these special moments, ensuring you leave with more than just memories of this magical encounter.

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Hotel Pick-up

Your adventure begins with a comfortable and contemporary bus picking you up from your hotel around midday. Relax on a brief 25-minute journey to the dolphin park, designed for your utmost comfort.

Dolphin Show Experience

Step into a world beyond the ordinary aqua parks at our dolphin park. This venue is a custom-designed pool arena, tailored for performances by dolphins, seals, and sea lions. Our facility prides itself on its excellent sound system and animal-friendly environment, ensuring both the well-being of our marine stars and an optimal viewing experience for you.

Prepare to be captivated by a one-hour show featuring the incredible talents of dolphins, sea lions, and seals. Witness extraordinary acrobatics, precision exercises with balls, and loop maneuvers that showcase their intelligence and agility. Guided by experienced trainers, these performances highlight the remarkable behaviors and skills of these endearing marine animals.

Optional Activities

After the show, seize the opportunity to swim with the dolphins—an unforgettable experience that comes with an additional charge. Dive into the water for an up-close encounter with these friendly creatures.

Return Journey

Conclude your exhilarating day in the late afternoon, as a van awaits to escort you back to your hotel in Alanya. With memories of playful dolphins and majestic sea animals performing just for you, this extraordinary journey promises to leave you with lasting impressions and a heart full of joy.


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Questions & Answers

Is it possible to swim with dolphins in Alanya after the show?

YES! You can also add the magnificent Dolphin Swim to your Dolphins Show program at a lower cost by selecting it from the “Select Package” tab in booking form.

Are the dolphins in Alanya safe to interact with?

Dolphins have a reputation for being sociable, but they are wild animals that must be treated with care and respect. There is no need to be concerned about dolphins in Alanya.

How long is the Alanya Dolphin Show Tour?

The overall tour duration for the Alanya Dolphins Show Tour is around 1.5 hours.

What is the price of Alanya Dolphins Show?

Alanya Dolphins Show costs (price) 35 € per person, 35 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children 3 and  under 3 years old are free.

Reviews of Alanya Dolphins Show

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Emma Robinson
Emma Robinson

It was great! I suggest if you love dolphins this is a must see. The dolphins seemed to be very well taken care of.

Graeme Wilson
Graeme Wilson

The kids were overjoyed. There was a lot of interaction with the dolphins and seals. The trainers were excellent!

Ross Allwright
Ross Allwright

Great experience and worth the money. Thank you team! 😍😍👍

Ola Lubanski
Ola Lubanski

Absolutely amazing! We come back every year and it’s amazing every time

Julie Bowker
Julie Bowker

Great experience, the trainers are wonderful and all know a lot about the animals they train. This was an excellent birthday present. The entire staff is attentive and caring. Thank you for the memories.

Xiao Thiora
Xiao Thiora

Not as good as I expected!


A magical experience! The Alanya dolphin show was not only entertaining but also educational. Learning about these incredible animals while watching them perform was a unique and unforgettable experience.


I had high expectations for the Alanya dolphin show, and it exceeded them all. The combination of music, acrobatics, and the sheer beauty of the dolphins is a feast for the senses.