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Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour

    Let yourself enjoy the majestic landscape of Alanya by going on the Altinbesik Cave Tour. The cave is the top attraction in the city that will help you embark on a journey in nature. Exploring a canyon, local villages, and an underground lake will offer a pleasant tour experience. You can take snaps, release stress by breathing in the pure fresh air, and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere. Your majestic experience will also enhance because of the factual information and guidance from our expert guide.

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  History Of The Altinbesik Cave

    Altinbesik Cave has been one of the important global structures since 1994. The underground cave consists of a system of 20 lakes that drain into the Beysehir Lake. The structure was discovered in 1966 after experts were sent to the region to conduct surveys.

    The cave’s name has been decided by the Altinbesik hill that lies on the top. This site was opened to visitors in 1994 for a pleasant trip.

Geography Of The Altinbesik Cave

    The Altinbesik Cave has three levels that are active in different seasons. Since the cave is underground, you will have to explore it on a tour boat. A bridge made of natural rocks is also present in the cave’s centre, contributing to its aesthetics.

    Summer and autumn months are the best time to go on an Altinbesik Cave Tour because of the low water level. During other months, the water level rises and naturally blocks entry to the cave.

Why Do People Visit The Altinbesik Cave?

    Many people visit the Altinbesik Cave because of its rich history and unique structure. Aesthetic photos can be taken inside and outside the cave for social media posts. Villages around the cave also allow a visitor to learn more about the local culture.

    Buttoned houses in the villages are the top attraction for many people. The fresh air, natural surroundings, and cloudy Taurus Mountains also enhance the travelling experience. This is why many people go on Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tours.

Reasons To Choose Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour

      Here are the top reasons to choose the Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour:

  1. Includes transportation to the cave
  2. A boat tour is also included in the package
  3. Tour guide will help you explore the cave, surrounding villages, and Green Canyon
  4. Cameras are allowed on the trip to take aesthetic snaps
  5. Lunch break with unique cuisine is also offered
  6. Protective gear is given for a safer experience

How much does Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour cost?

Cost of the Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour (price) Adults pay 40 euros, children aged 7 to 12 pay 20 euros, and infants under 7 are free.

Alanya Hotels – 08:30


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Bus with Full A/C
  • Entrance Fees
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Please bring hats, sunscreen, swimsuits, sunglasses, a towel, a camera, extra clothing, and comfortable shoes.

Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour Program

    With a full-day tour from Alanya, you may discover the breathtaking and majestic terrain of Altinbesik National Park as well as the notorious cave. The Altinbesik Cave excursion from Alanya mixes cultural and natural discovery and is perfect for all travellers. Immerse yourself in rural customs, enjoy the Taurus Mountains, and be awed by the subterranean lake.

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Are you wondering about the things you will get to see on our Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour? Well, here is a complete itinerary to help you understand what you must expect on this tour:

Pickup From Alanya:

A well-developed bus with the tour tour guide will pick you and your companions from your hotel or another location in Alanya. During the ride, your tour guide will give you complete details of the trip and the sites that you will get to see.

Arrival At The Green Canyon:

The first stop during the tour is the Green Canyon, which will help you enjoy a unique view of the Oymapinari dam. Surveys of this dam led to the discovery of the Altinbesik Cave in 1966.

Exploring Villages In The Taurus Mountains:

The Taurus Mountains surround the cave region and include unique villages with buttoned houses. These houses are special because their construction is cement-free.

Entering The Altinbesik Cave:

Altinbesik Cave will be the tour’s main highlight because of its 20 lakes and 450 meters length. Your tour guide will offer you protective gear, such as life jackets for safety. The expert will also answer questions about the cave’s history, discovery, characteristic features, and much more.

Lunch Break:

To help you reenergize after exploring the cave, we have included a lunch break with unique local cuisine. You can satisfy your hunger and grab some drinks for hydration.

Exploring The Altinbesik National Park:

The last site you will be exploring is the Altinbesik National Park. This is the name of the location that houses the namesake cave. You can use the 600 plants and trees to find peace in nature. Many species are also unique to this Park, so be sure to take photos for memories.

Return To The Hotel:

The air-conditioned bus will drop you back at the hotel in Alanya after the memorable experience.

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Questions & Answers

What should I carry with me on the Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour?

The essential decent sun cream and, if desired, a sun hat. Good footwear is recommended due to the varied landscape and boat experience. Bring your camera or smartphone since there are several photo possibilities along the route! Extra money for beverages or snacks, and any presents or mementos you may want to buy throughout the day.

Is Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour appropriate for families?

Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour is for everyone who wants to learn more about their vacation spot. This is a fantastic opportunity for young and old, singles and families, Antalya is going to astound you.

How much does Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour cost?

The Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour costs (price) Adults pay 40 euros, children aged 7 to 12 pay 20 euros, and children under the age of 7 are free.

Reviews of Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour

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Shane Mcmahon
Shane Mcmahon

Just being in the majestic caves is a wonderful experience! Our guide presented the background of this discovery and so many interesting aspects of today’s caves, she also ensured our physical and emotional safety. Our guide was professional and informative with a wonderful sense of humor. Was a great experience!! It’s definitely worth it!

Cindy Ferguson
Cindy Ferguson

Very nice destination for visiting with children. My son loved it. They serve tea, coffee and snacks and it was really helpful after a long drive in the mountains.

Bill Grimes
Bill Grimes

Was happy to visit the largest sea cave in Turkey and the third largest in the world. It has a second and third level, but is not allowed to go further, except for pro mountaineers and cavers.


It was a great experience entering the cave in a zodiac boat.The guide told us interesting facts about exploring the cave.What a mystical atmosphere!