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Side Dolphins Show

Side Dolphin Show is an excellent destination for diversifying your vacation and enjoying the fantastic representations of the marine element. The animal kingdom is diversified and one of a kind. Communication with these animals is a true pleasure. Witness incredible dolphins that will leave you in awe. Wouldn’t you like to experience how friendly and intelligent these sea creatures are? Look at their lives.

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After the show, you can take a photo directly with a dolphin or sea lion and immortalize this experience. You will see remarkable stunts in their performance as part of the show and what creative painters, mathematicians, dancers, and merely the brightest creatures are capable of. On the route to Dolphin Show from Side provides you with a really exciting performance at the dolphin park. This show will present a magnificent hour-long dolphin and seal spectacle to you.

See the Magic of Dolphins and Sea Lions

Dolphins, one of the friendliest and sweetest mammals, and the amusing sea lions will wow you with their intelligence and kindness. You will be able to observe them leaping, dancing, and swimming. They will also interact with diverse items such as balls and loops. Dolphin Show from Side is unquestionably a suggested excursion if you want to have a great time with your friends or children.

This is a chance to view the show for a reasonable price while seeing not just dolphins but also bottlenose dolphins, seals, and sealions. They will play, jump through the hoop, and enjoy themselves in the clear water. Imagine the sea creatures in the show dancing and singing!

Get Ready to be Wowed by Dolphins!

Dolphin treatment is also popular, allowing you to play and swim with these astonishingly clever animals up close. Throughout the procedure, you may take pictures of everything with a camera and purchase dolphin images that will soon be printed in the neighbourhood photo shop. It is a good idea to carry a hat and sunglasses. Wear waterproof clothing or change clothes in case front-row spectators get wet. During the performance, handling the equipment properly and keeping it away from liquids is important.

After all, animals might climb on you and your gear if you are seated in the front seats during a performance. Everyone will like the dolphinarium presentation since it transports you back to your youth, and these adorable animals uplift young people. Don’t pass up this chance!

How much does Side Dolphins Show cost?

Side Dolphins Show costs (price) 35 € per person, 30 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children 3 and under 3 years old are free.

Enhance your dolphin adventure with the ultimate experience of swimming with these magnificent creatures! Book our Dolphin Show program along with our Swimming with Dolphins program, and get a discounted price. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make unforgettable memories with these intelligent and graceful animals.

You can find all information about the Swimming with Dolphins program at the link below:

Side Hotels

Please ask for pick up time


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Dolphin Show Program
  • Entrance Fee
  • Insurance


  • Swiming with Dolphins
  • Photos & Videos

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Hat, Sun Glasses, and Camera

Description of Side Dolphins Show

You will be led to the exhibition field as soon as you arrive at this amazing dolphin park. You may watch performances by dolphins, whales, and sea lions in a specially constructed pool. Additionally, you’ll view other enjoyable items and hear information from the guides. You will then arrive at the show field.

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Pick Up: The activity is provided every day in the middle of the day. Your transportation from your location of lodging to the facility will be in a contemporary, comfortable bus.

The dolphins will be prepared to demonstrate their talents and gain your admiration and affection in a dedicated pool. As a consequence, the Dolphins Show will start as soon as you sit down and will run for around an hour. Dolphins will be swimming, playing with rocks, and free-jumping or hula-hooping. They are so attractive, intelligent, funny, and empathetic that when they are working their hardest, you cannot look away for a second!

Dolphin therapy is especially popular because it enables you to converse directly with these amiable, remarkably perceptive creatures. The appearance of the dolphins and the interaction with them generated many emotions, including grinning, making noise, and raising one arm.

A 2003 independent European research demonstrated the therapeutic value of dolphins in the context of animal-assisted therapy. Since then, scientific investigations have consistently demonstrated this therapy’s effectiveness for various physical and mental disorders.

The Dolphin Show begins:

The Dolphinarium daytime performance begins at 15:00. For additional travel time information you can contact us. The dolphin display lasts for an hour. Despite the fact that a special awning is spread over the seats, remember to wear sun protection as the Dolphinarium is close to the water. Dress appropriately for a trip to the Dolphinarium because there will be water in the first rows of visitors.

You’ll also be able to meet and kiss them after the performance! As soon as the Side Dolphin Show is over, you will be picked up from the site by a fully equipped vehicle and taken to your hotel. After that, you can unwind or join additional excursions to liven up your trip. If you want to participate in additional activities or excursions with us, you can definitely check and quickly book all things to do in Side. Have fun spending time with us!

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Questions & Answers

Are the dolphins in Side safe to interact with?

Dolphins have a reputation for being sociable, but they are wild animals that must be treated with care and respect. There is no need to be concerned about dolphins in Side.

How long is the Side Dolphin Show Tour?

The overall tour duration for the Side Dolphins Show Tour is around 4 hours.

What is the price of Side Dolphins Show?

It’s 35 € per person, 30 € for children 4 between 9 years old and children 3 and under 3 years old are free.

Can i swim with the dolphins in Side?

Yes, it is possible to swim with dolphins in Side. The bottlenose dolphin is the most popular marine species on the Gulf Coast! Dolphins are not just one of the brightest and happiest species on the planet, but they are also highly friendly to people. 

You can also add the magnificent Dolphin Swim to your Dolphins Show program at a lower cost by selecting it from the “Select Package” tab in the Booking form.

Reviews of Side Dolphins Show

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Coops Corey
Coops Corey

Wonderful experience, stunning show, and well worth the money. There are opportunities to take photos with the dolphins after the show, which I would recommend to anyone. I only wish I could take pictures with the other sea creatures as well.

John Howells
John Howells

Very nice show, my kids loved it!

Tracy L.
Tracy L.

The transfer went smoothly, and the show was excellent; everyone was friendly and personable, and the price was reasonable.

Sarah Cuff
Sarah Cuff

Everything was fantastic. Pickup was on time, the guide was excellent, and the dolphin show was spectacular. It comes highly recommended by us. We always felt safe and well-cared for.

Tim Evans
Tim Evans

This attraction is well worth seeing. The trip’s organization is also of the highest caliber.

Gemma Broadfoot
Gemma Broadfoot

The show was excellent. The transfer was also meticulously planned. We were told via SMS that we would meet in front of the hotel. There is nothing to complain about. It was a well-organized and enjoyable show.

Nina Shamchuk
Nina Shamchuk

Excellent transfer service and very nice show

Mohammad Al-Hillal
Mohammad Al-Hillal

It didn’t meet our expectations. We expected better. Sorry for the money we paid.