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Side City Tour from Manavgat

    The blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea wash over the little, picturesque town of Side, which combines history, a lively nightlife, a rich culture, and unspoiled environment. In actuality, the city attracts thousands of tourists each year who wish to experience its exquisite worldwide culture and top attractions. If you’re looking for a way to include all of these things, a Side City Tour from Manavgat allows you to explore the city’s major attractions and learn why it’s so popular.

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    This full-day excursion is offered every day in the morning. A bus will take you up from your hotel in Manavgat. The vehicle has complete air conditioning and plush seats. A knowledgeable English-speaking guide will be present to provide you with engaging explanations about each location so you can get the most out of your adventure.


Explore Side City and its Ancient Ruins

   The bus initially makes a 30-minute stop at the stunning Manavgat waterfall. Its two most distinctive features are the massive magnitude of this natural wonder and the green waters that splash into the pool. Prepare to appreciate the peace of the area as you arrive and take some beautiful pictures. Allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the remaining portions of the journey. Visit Seleukia (Lybre), an ancient city, as you continue your study of Side. This city, which dates to the fourth century BC, is situated on a hill, giving it additional security.

Explore the Grandeur of Manavgat

   You may see the historic agora, a Byzantine church that has survived, and an Apollo temple among the ruins. After some time there, you’ll go to a village to meet the residents and get a glimpse of their way of life. Before having lunch at a local eatery, you may buy some wonderful souvenirs in the village. The Merkez Kullye Mosque in Manavgat is where the Side City Tour from Manavgat final destination is supposed to be. This mosque stands out because of its exquisite interior and exterior architecture. The building’s exterior is topped with a sizable carved dome, and its inside is ornamented with grand orient art that has been updated for aesthetic appeal.

    Your tour guide will answer all of your inquiries and provide all the information you want on this mosque. The bus will transport you back to Manavgat after the final stop at the mosque. This full-day adventure is fascinating and engaging and ends in the late afternoon. You will return to your accommodation with a feeling of delicious exhaustion from your adventure and a bag full of wonderful memories.

How much does Side City Tour from Manavgat cost?

Side City Tour from Manavgat costs (price) 28 € for adults, 18 € for children 6 between 12 years old and children under 6 years old are free.

Manavgat Hotels – 08:50


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Guiding
  • Entry Tickets
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Camera, Comfortable Shoes, Comfortable Clothing.

Description of Side City Tour from Manavgat

    In-Side City Tour from Manavgat, Turkey, Around the 7th century BC, the ancient Greeks founded Side, a Turkish city on the coast. It possessed a sizable harbour and was a significant commercial and cultural hub. Enslaved people were also sold on the open market. The Arabs destroyed it in the eighth century. A little fishing community by the name of Selimiye was eventually constructed atop the remains.

    The community has modernized its infrastructure and is now a well-known tourist destination. Additionally, there are still some ancient ruins sites. The temples of Apollo and Athena, the Vespassina fountain, the Amphitheater, the state and market plaza (agora), baths, hospitals, column-lined streets, and much more are still standing today.

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You will be picked up at your Manavgat hotel early on the day of the excursion in a fully air-conditioned, contemporary bus.

Tour guide:

This excursion is completely guided. You will be greeted inside the bus by a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide, who will stay with you the entire time you are out. Your queries will be answered, and the English-speaking guide will help you if you need it.

Manavgat waterfall: 

The Manavgat Waterfall serves as the first stop. This place provides a perfect, tranquil ambiance that is replete with natural noises. Your breath will be taken away by the waterfall’s grandeur and emerald-colored water. The stop lasts for around 30 minutes, during which time you may take some pictures, stroll about and take in the scenery, or unwind in a peaceful area.


Your next stop is Seleukia, an ancient city. It was built in the fourth century BC on a high hill, allowing you to take in some lovely views. You can see the old agora, the Apollo temple, and a Byzantine church among the other ruins. You are welcome to ask the guide any questions you may have regarding the significance of this hamlet and its history.


Your journey continues as you arrive at a little, charming village. This is a fantastic chance to talk to the people and see how they live their daily lives. Small stores and kiosks in this area may offer sell a variety of regional treats and mementos. There will also be a lunch break at a nearby eatery.

Merkez Külliye Mosque:

One of the most stunning mosques in the nation is the final destination on the Side City Tour from Manavgat. The enormous, intricately carved dome of the Merkez Külliye mosque is particularly well known. The interior also features vibrant designs that are typical of orient style. The tour guide will share fascinating details about this mosque and its significance as you go around.

Return back:

The expedition comes to an end in the late afternoon when the bus takes you off at your Manavgat hotel.

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Questions & Answers

What are the main attractions of Side City Tour from Manavgat?

Side is an ancient city in Turkey with well-preserved ruins, including a Roman amphitheater, a temple of Apollo, and the “Arch of Hadrian.” The city also has beautiful beaches, a small museum showcasing ancient artifacts, an ancient harbor, and the nearby Manavgat Waterfall. It is a popular destination for history enthusiasts, beach-goers, and those interested in Turkey’s cultural heritage.

Where can I book the Side City Tour from Manavgat?

Our website allows you to book Side City Tour from Manavgat online. The online booking form is very easy to use!

When does the Side City Tour from Manavgat begin?

The Side City Tour from Manavgat begins at 09:00 and concludes at 16:00. This excursion will last 7 hours.

How much is Side City Tour from Manavgat?

The Side City Tour from Manavgat costs 28 € for adults, 18 € for children aged 6 to 12, and children under 6 years old are free.

Reviews of Side City Tour from Manavgat

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Anisa Foley
Anisa Foley

Fabulous trip! Completely worth it. We did everything as expressed within the the site. Airconditioned and cozy minibus. Sufficient time to spend at each area. I could say it was extraordinary and felt like an eastern fairylate!

Victor Stephenson
Victor Stephenson

I would surely advice this visit to anybody who feels like learning more about this region, learn more around the history and spend some time in a serene stop observing the falls. 10 / 10 !!!