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Join Excursions > Manavgat > Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat

Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat

The Fire of Anatolia Show in Manavgat offers a vibrant portrayal of the legendary city of Troy, engaging audiences with a large ensemble of over 100 dancers and musicians. This artistic rendition breathes life into the ancient saga through detailed dance routines, vivid attire, and dynamic music.

Incorporating Turkish folk dance, ballet, and modern dance, the show crafts an extraordinary visual experience. It’s an essential viewing for enthusiasts of dance, history, or culture, attracting many visitors to Manavgat.

Performances of The Fire of Anatolia Show take place in the Aspendos amphitheaters around the city. To experience this mesmerizing dance event, it’s advisable to verify the performance dates and secure your tickets in advance to ensure availability.

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Experience Fire of Anatolia’s Record-Breaking Show

Join the captivating journey with Fire of Anatolia, an illustrious dance ensemble from Turkey, showcasing a troupe of one hundred dancers, alongside an extensive team of choreographers and technical staff. This celebrated group has graced stages in more than 80 countries, including notable performances in the United States, China, and Japan, captivating over 32 million audience members worldwide. You’re cordially invited to a mesmerizing three-hour show that has set records for the fastest dance performance at 242 steps per minute and attracted the largest audience ever, with approximately 405,000 attendees in Eregli, in Turkey’s Black Sea region.

Experience 4000 Years of History

Immerse yourself in a performance that masterfully blends contemporary dance and ballet with the rich Turkish Anatolian heritage and historical folk dances from across Turkey. The show’s creation phase, spanning approximately eighteen months, was a meticulous process that incorporated folk dances, ballet, and contemporary dance, enhanced with yoga and stretching for a holistic preparation. The group’s repertoire draws inspiration from the 4000-year-old traditions of Anatolian civilizations, resulting in a dynamic, rhythmically intense, and elegantly crafted performance that showcases national dances from various eras and regions.

Experience the Fire of Anatolia!

Witness the remarkable fusion of Western and Eastern cultures through the performances of the iconic Fire of Anatolia. This ambitious project features over 3,000 characters and national musical themes, representing nearly every province in Turkey, conceived by Mustafa Erdogan to showcase the unique heritage and historical depth of the nation to a global audience. The show offers two distinct versions in Manavgat: the Fire of Anatolia and the Troy Show Turkey, each presenting a unique and engaging experience. These performances not only celebrate the diverse dance traditions of the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Aegean regions but also provide a deep dive into the history, traditions, and culture of Turkey, as well as insights into Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Anatolia.

How much does Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat cost?

Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat cost (price) 55 € for adults, 20 € for children 3 between 11 years old and children under 3 years old are free.

Manavgat Hotels – 19:00

Days & Time

The Fire of Anatolia show from Manavgat occurs every Tuesday, from April to October, from 19:00 to 23:30.


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Guiding Service
  • Entrance Tickets
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Snacks and Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Don’t forget to bring your camera. You’ll shoot stunning photographs.

Description of Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat

“Fire of Anatolia” stands as a captivating display of Turkish dance and music, reflecting the nation’s vast cultural wealth. This performance is distinguished by its extensive ensemble of artists and is celebrated for its dynamic and colorful attire, live orchestral accompaniment, and impressive dance sequences. The structure of a typical “Fire of Anatolia” show can be outlined as follows:

  • Introduction: This segment serves as the precursor to the spectacle, laying the groundwork for the ensuing acts.
  • Traditional Dances: This part highlights a collection of authentic Turkish dances, including the mesmerizing whirling dervish, illustrating Turkey’s deep-rooted cultural traditions.
  • Modern Dance Routines: This section is characterized by energetic, modern dance pieces performed to live music, showcasing the talents of a considerable number of dancers.
  • Costume Changes: Throughout the show, there are moments dedicated to allowing the performers to switch into new outfits, each designed to complement the theme of the upcoming segment.
  • Music Performance: The musical aspect of the show features live renditions using both traditional instruments, such as the darbuka, saz, and kemenche, and contemporary ones like the guitar and synthesizer.
  • Finale: The concluding act unites all performers for an exhilarating final performance, culminating in a spectacular close to the show.

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After you have finished your evening meal, a friendly local chauffeur will collect you from your accommodation. Following this, you’ll swiftly head to the magnificent open-air amphitheater for the evening’s special performance.

Fire of Anatolia

As you unwind in the audience, witness over a hundred dancers take the stage in what is considered one of the largest performances worldwide. The show delves into the epic tales of Homer, bringing to life various Greek myths and legends with palpable excitement and anticipation between dance numbers. The immersive music and vibrant dance will transport you to the ancient city of Troy, making you feel as if you’re living through its legendary tales.

The Show

The talent and artistry of these dancers, having performed at prestigious events like the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and in venues such as Madison Square Garden, become apparent. The meticulous design of each costume is aimed at enhancing the viewer’s experience, showcasing the extensive effort and meticulous planning invested in every aspect of the production. With an audience of over 340 million people worldwide, the show promises a memorable experience for its attendees.


Known as Wilusa by the Hittites and situated in the Canakkale region near the Dardanelles, the city more famously goes by the name Troy. It stands as a legendary epicenter where the greatest figures of Greek mythology come to life. Troy represents a fusion of idealism and scientific discovery, providing a fitting backdrop for the evening’s performance.


Following the end of the show, the same chauffeur will ensure your safe and comfortable return to your hotel in Manavgat.

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Questions & Answers

Are there any limits on who may attend the Fire Of Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat?

    From the young to the old, everyone may enjoy this entertainment. The costumes and lights as the dancers perform will captivate the children, while the older members of your group will enjoy the culture and history conveyed by dance even more.
    The theatre has many steps, so it may not suit anyone with mobility issues. If you are unsure, please contact the booking staff, as they may be able to arrange lower-tiered seats for you.

Will I get a good view of the Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat on stage?

Yes, the theatre was created for as many people as possible to enjoy and view the stage, and the seating still works today. Combined with the natural acoustics, you can understand why the theatre was a magnificent forerunner to modern-day Netflix and enjoyed by many Roman inhabitants for millennia.

Will the children appreciate the Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat?

It may be a little long for very young children, but they will appreciate the costumes, music, and scenery and will be quite content watching the presentation.

What do I need to bring to the Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat?

For the amphitheatre steps, wear sensible shoes. A little cushion or blanket (you will be seated on the original Roman tier seats of stone). Your camera for this colourful cultural exhibition.

Is the Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat held outside or inside?

The Gloria Aspendos Arena is an outdoor amphitheatre. Wear long sleeves or a light jacket in case it is chilly early or late in the season.

What should my Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat budget be?

Any personal costs you incur throughout the evening, such as beverages or snacks, are not included.

Is it simply dancing on the Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat?

This is much more than a dancing performance. There will be tales, spectacular costumes, dramatic music, dazzling dances, and an atmosphere that will keep your gaze fixed on the stage.

Reviews of Fire Of Anatolia Show from Manavgat

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Monica Guzman
Monica Guzman

It’s worth the money. The show takes place after 9 p.m. and lasts like 2 hours with an intermission. There are many artists that are part of the show. The show features several traditional dances from different parts of Turkey.

Jane Heath
Jane Heath

We went to see the legendary dance ensemble “Fires of Anatolia” and we’re glad we did. The dance is amazing! This ensemble stays in Turkey every summer, so it is an incredible opportunity for all tourists to see the concert. Thank you for this opportunity!

Dylan Schneider
Dylan Schneider

I am impressed with this so much.Such a variety of dances.I absolutely loved it!!!This performance represents the entire countrys history!