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Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour

    Whenever people think of Istanbul, they think of charming streets, old architecture, and famous landmarks. However, Istanbul has a lot of natural beauty to offer as well that will allow you to go on an adventure in many ways. For example, you can boost your energy levels by going on a jeep safari through the Belgrad Forest with us. The adventure is there to boost your adrenaline and make sure you enjoy the best of what Istanbul has to offer. 

    Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour is an exciting and unique way to experience the beauty and culture of this vibrant city. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and bustling energy, Istanbul is a destination that should not be missed. A Jeep Safari Tour provides a perfect opportunity to see the city’s iconic sights, as well as hidden gems that are often missed by visitors.

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The Beautiful Belgrad Forest 

    The Belgrad Forest is one of the best retreats away from the crowds in the city, where you can be one with nature. It is a mixed deciduous forest that you will find adjacent to Istanbul. Here are trees, barbecue areas, picnic areas, and much more that you will find in this forest. 

    Besides that, you will also spot a lot of wildlife as you make your way through this pristine forest. It attracts a lot of tourists because of everything that it has to offer. Of course, a great way to enjoy all of this beauty is through a jeep safari. 

Why Choose The Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour

     Here are the top reasons why people love Istanbul jeep safari: 

  • Professional guidance 

    You will receive professional guidance from your experts before we embark on your journey. They will guide you on what you can expect during this journey. Make sure that you carefully listen to their guidance to stay safe as you make your way through the forest. 

  • Explore The Jungle 

     Of course, you will get to explore the jungle in a unique way. As you go through the forest, you can take in the beautiful views, wildlife, plants, and everything else that is present. Nature lovers will love this aspect of this tour. 

  • 90 Minutes Of Pure Fun 

     The jeep safari will last for ninety minutes so that you can enjoy this tour in the best way possible. The ride will fill you with excitement, and tour guides will boost your knowledge about the region. So, you will leave with new memories and more knowledge.  

  • Fun With Family And Friends 

     You can book this tour with your friends or family, as it is a great activity for the entire group. Keep in mind that you can also book it privately if you don’t want to go on a jeep safari with people you don’t know. Instead, you can have fun with your group. 

  • No Taxi Hassle 

    It is ensured that customers do not have to do much, so commute is offered to the venue. You will be picked up from your hotel and dropped off back. Thus, you will not need to spend extra money and effort to book a taxi for your jeep safari.

How much does Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour cost?

Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour costs (price) 50 € for adults, and 35 € for children 4 between 11 years old.

Anytime between 09:00 to 18:00


  • Safari Tour (1.5 Hours)
  • English Guiding
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Comfortable clothing, shoes or sneakers, sunglasses and smile!

Description of Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour

    Istanbul, Turkey is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. While there are many ways to see the city, the Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour offers a unique and thrilling experience that will leave you with lasting memories. The Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour is a must-do for anyone. So book your tour today and experience the thrill of exploring Istanbul in a unique and unforgettable way.

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Here is the Istanbul Jeep Safari itinerary: 

Safety Briefing: When you are reached, the professionals will provide you with a safety briefing. Besides that, they will also explain to you why this forest is so famous in Istanbul. You will get to learn everything it has to offer to visitors. 

Jeep Safari Through The Belgrad Forest: Once you know everything, you will make your way through the Belgrad forest so that you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful views. There are also some nearby villages that you can spot on the safari. 

Add Extra Services If You Like At An Added Cost: Keep in mind that you can also add some extra services for an added cost if you would like. This includes a swimming break, a horse riding session, breakfast, and much more. Different groups choose different add-ons depending on the type of experience they would like to have. 

Back To The Hotel: Once the tour is over, you will go back to your hotel in Istanbul. You can go through the pictures you took during the day and be at peace knowing that you had a great time with the people you love.

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Questions & Answers

How many people can participate in the Jeep Safari tour in Istanbul?

The number of people that can participate in the tour varies depending on the jeep, but most can accommodate around 6 to 7 people.

Where should I go to join the Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour?

The excursion will start inside the National Park. For further information, please contact the bookings staff.

Is the tour suitable for people with mobility issues?

The tour may not be suitable for people with mobility issues, as it involves getting in and out of the jeep and walking at various sites.

What is the cost of the Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour?

The Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour costs 50 € for adults and 35 € for children aged 4 to 11.

Is there an age limit for the tour?

There is no age limit for the tour, but it is important to consider the physical demands of an open-air jeep tour.

What should I wear on the tour?

Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended, as well as sun protection in hot weather.

Reviews of Istanbul Jeep Safari Tour

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Aaron Giles
Aaron Giles

We had a lot of fun riding jeeps through the hills, everyone was picked up on time, the lunch was hearty and tasty. absolutely worth your money and time)


I won’t go into details as it will spoil the impression, but there were smiles on all faces from start to finish!
The day was full of surprises and I can only recommend this trip.
100% fun all day long.

Darren Hicks
Darren Hicks

There were nine of us. We left the place and after 10 minutes stopped, had a water fight with other jeeps, it was a lot of fun! We took a lot of beautiful landscapes. Later we made several stops in rivers and streams, then stopped for lunch, which, by the way, was very decent and in a very beautiful place. Jeep drivers kept us entertained throughout the trip)
If you don’t want to get wet, don’t book this tour..))) Amazing day!