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Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    Embark on an Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour for a fun experience in this city. The best part about this tour is that you can visit at least 46 attractions in the region. This excursion is best for those who are visiting the city for two or three days. You can make the most of your time with loved ones by hopping on buses that will take you to unique sites.

    The buses used for the tour are double-decker and open-top, providing a great opportunity to take in the city’s stunning views and capture memorable photos. The tour also includes complimentary WiFi and a mobile app with real-time tracking of the buses.

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Landscape Of Istanbul

    Istanbul is a vast city with many attractions, such as Sultan Ahmet Square, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and much more. This is why you can visit many locations in the city for a fun trip. The city is also located near the city for boat and cruise tours.

    Another great thing about Istanbul’s landscape is that it has various hilly regions for engaging activities such as quad safari. You can spend quality time with your family easily in this city by going on a hop-on hop-off tour.

Why Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Is Popular?

Here are the top reasons behind the popularity of hop-on hop-off tours:

Time-Saving: The best part about these tours is that they are time-saving. You can get on the bus at any spot and visit many locations within a few hours. So you will not have to worry about not being able to visit different attractions during your stay in Istanbul.

Offers A Fun Experience: Hop-on hop-off tours enable you to travel with a large group. You can socialize with other tourists or locals to make new friends. This will enhance your experience in the city and help you make more memories.

Affordable: You will have to book a rental car or pay high taxi fares to move from one place to another. However, a hop-on, hop-off tour does not include high rates. This means you can explore the major attractions of Istanbul within a reasonable to maintain your budget.

Why Choose Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour?

    Here are the top reasons to choose the Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour:

  • Online booking is easy
  • You can enjoy up to 46 sites within a day
  • A guide will be available to enhance your knowledge
  • You can enjoy affordable pricing
  • Multiple routes for easy access to different places

How much does Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour cost?

Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour cost (price) 40 € for adults, 30 € for children 7 between 12 years old and children under 7 years old are free.

Istanbul Hotels – 09:30


  • Comfortable Bus (Full A/C)
  • Ticket
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, and Hat.

Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Program

    Istanbul is a city that’s rich in culture, history, and stunning architecture. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming for first-time visitors to create an itinerary that covers all the highlights. This is where the Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour comes in, providing a convenient and efficient way to explore the city’s top attractions.

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The Hop-On Hop-Off Tour is a popular choice for tourists, as it allows them to experience Istanbul’s famous landmarks at their own pace. Visitors can get on and off the bus at any of the designated stops along the route, providing a great deal of flexibility in creating an itinerary that suits their interests.

Red Route: This is the primary route for many tourists because it includes all the must-see sites for Istanbul. Tour guide will be available on the bus to inform you of unique facts about the locations. You can visit the Galata Bridge, Dolmabahce Palace, Taksim Square, and much more on this route.

Remember that you will get to learn about the history of each place. Taking photos will also be a breeze because of the scenic backgrounds. So you can make many memories with your friends and loved ones.

Blue Route: Another route that is famous for hop-on hop-off tours is the blue route. You can enjoy many sites that will allow you to take good pictures and appreciate Turkish culture more. The starting point of this route is Sultan Ahmet Square.

You can explore the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, Rahmi Koc Transport Museum, and much more on this route. The finishing point of the tour will be the same as the starting point of this route.

Overall, the Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour is a great alternative for those who want to take their time exploring the city’s greatest sites. It is a perfect solution for first-time tourists or anybody who wants to explore the city’s highlights without the stress of navigating public transit or the price of hiring a private tour guide.

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Questions & Answers

What is the cost of the Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour?

Cost of Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour (price) Adults pay 40 €, children aged 7 to 12 pay 30 €, and children under 7 are free.

What are some of the attractions covered in the tour?

The tour covers almost all the major attractions in Istanbul, including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and more. It also stops at other points of interest like the Bosphorus Bridge and Taksim Square.

What is the Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour?

The Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour is a audio guided bus tour that takes visitors to the city’s top attractions, including famous landmarks and cultural hotspots. The tour allows visitors to hop on and off at any of the designated stops along the route, giving them the flexibility to create their own itinerary and spend as much time as they want at each location.

Are the buses air-conditioned?

Yes, the buses used for the tour are air-conditioned and comfortable, providing a pleasant experience for visitors.

How long is the tour?

The duration of the tour varies depending on the route and traffic conditions, but it typically takes around three hours to complete one full loop.

Reviews of Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

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It was a pretty convenient and fun tour. I love hop-on hop-off buses and I use them in every city I go. Especially in Istanbul, where there are so many things to see, this service was absolutely phenomenal. Booked the tickets for the whole family, kids had a lot of fun. The best thing is that we could get off at any place we wanted, so we avoided the boring tours that taking you to specific places. We went to many places around the city, so it was a great value for money ticket. Booking was easy and I recommend this company to all of you.