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Fethiye Turkish Night Show

    Fethiye Turkish Night Show is an exciting event that will help you immerse yourself in Turkish culture. From traditional music to dance performances, this tour will include everything a visitor wants on a fun trip. Your evening will be full of jolly tunes, delicious meals, and exquisite Turkish desserts. The best part is that travelling to the venue will be easier because of the two-way transportation included in the package at no extra cost. This event is suitable for adults, kids, and families.

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History Of Turkish Night

    A Turkish Night will allow you to feel like royalty in Turkey. Many people believe this event has been occurring since the old era. However, that is not true. A Turkish Night is the invention of tour agencies that wanted their customers to have a good time in the nation.

    The primary feature of this event is that it includes music, dance, food, and cultural knowledge. These things will take place at the same venue, which may be a boat or restaurant, depending on the region and your preference.

Why Is Turkish Night Famous?

    Turkish Night is famous because it allows visitors to get cultural knowledge while having fun. People don’t have to see boring paintings or city ruins during the trip. Instead, dance performances and music is used to represent different legends and cultural information.

    Food and unlimited drinks also make Turkish Nights more famous than other tourist events. The best part is this event occurs in almost all parts of Turkey throughout the year. Tourists can also experience a private event, depending on the tour agency.

Reasons To Go To Fethiye Turkish Night Show

Here are the top reasons to choose Turkish Night Show in Fethiye over other excursions in this region:

    The Fethiye Turkish Night Show is a must-see cultural event that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich heritage of Turkey. Held in the charming coastal town of Fethiye, the show is a perfect blend of entertainment and culture, featuring traditional music, dance, and cuisine.

  • Round-trip transportation is offered to all customers
  • A safe restaurant is chosen for the trip
  • Dinner is included in the package at no extra cost
  • Traditional dance and music will offer excellent entertainment
  • A professional guide will also be present at the venue
  • Affordable pricing with easy booking methods
  • You can book the tour without stepping outside your hotel

How much does Fethiye Turkish Night Show cost?

Fethiye Turkish Night Show costs (price) 30 € for adults, 15 € for children 6-12 years old and children under 6 years old are free.

Fethiye Hotels – 19:00


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Entrance Fees
  • Insurance
  • Dinner


  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Bring your camera and a big smile because you’re going to have a terrific time!

Description of Fethiye Turkish Night Show

Turkey is a country that is known for its rich cultural heritage, and one of the best ways to experience this heritage is by attending a Turkish Night Show. The Fethiye Turkish Night Show is one such event that offers visitors a chance to experience the authentic music, dance, and cuisine of Turkey in a single evening.

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Below are the things that tourists can expect during Fethiye Turkish Night Show:

Pickup In The Evening:

Fethiye Turkish Night is an evening event, so a driver will pick you up from your hotel accordingly. The car will take you to the venue with no stops on the way. You will meet a professional guide at the restaurant, who will offer more details about the program and show you your seats.

Dance Show Begins:

Traditional music will be playing throughout the Turkish Night. The event mainly begins with a dance show that includes performances by various skilled dancers. A primary highlight of the show will be the belly dance part.

Dancers will be wearing traditional Turkish costumes, depending on the exact performance. These garments will allow you to immerse yourself in the cultural offerings of Fethiye and Turkey.

A wedding performance may also be included in the show. This depends on the producer of the show. The main feature of the dance performances is to help you have fun. You will also be allowed on stage during the belly dance if you want to learn new moves.

The professional guide will also tell you more about the performances and their background stories. So be sure to be attentive during every part of this Fethiye Turkish Night.


Dinner is included in the ticket price and will be served at the relevant time to help you enjoy traditional Turkish appetizers and main courses. Beverages such as wine, soft drinks, juices and much more will also be available at a reasonable cost. The good thing is, the party won’t end there.

Traditional Turkish desserts such as baklava will also be served to help you finish strong after the meal. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are present in the main course to suit every participant’s diet and palate.

Transfer To The Hotel:

The Turkish Night will end once all performances and dinner are completed. A driver will be waiting outside the venue to take you back to your hotel.

There will be no stops on the way, but you can make a specific request beforehand if you want something. The driver and guide will try their best to accommodate your needs.

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Questions & Answers

What can I expect to see at the Fethiye Turkish Night Show?

Visitors can expect to see traditional Turkish music performances, dance shows featuring professional dancers in colorful costumes, and taste delicious Turkish cuisine.

Is the Fethiye Turkish Night Show suitable for families?

Yes, the show is suitable for families with children of all ages. The entertainment is family-friendly and the restaurant offers a variety of food options that will appeal to children.

What is the price of the Fethiye Turkish Night Show?

Fethiye Turkish Night Show costs 30 € for adults, 15 € for children 6-12 years old, and free for children under 6 years old.

Reviews of Fethiye Turkish Night Show

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Lauren Wallace
Lauren Wallace

It was our second tour with this agency (prevoius was Jeep Safari and it was nearly perfect), so we decided to try a different experience this time! Such a colorful and artistic show, couldn’t get any better. The only note I would make is about food, some dishes were a bit spicy for me. All in all a great night and a great show 👍

Ray Patrick
Ray Patrick

Awesome show and dancers, service and hospitality were fine too. Wine and food were OK. The best thing was the atmosphere, it was easy,relaxing and same time spectacular and intriguing. Our family enoyed it a lot. 5 stars.