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Join Excursions > Belek > Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight

Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight

    Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight, learn about Cappadocia’s history and charm. The hot air balloon ride is without a doubt the most memorable part of this two-day trip to Cappadocia. Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful and picturesque tourist destinations in Turkey. Long histories, ingrained customs, ethereal scenery, and, of course, entertaining activities are just a few of the reasons why people travel. This two-day excursion, which covers a variety of activities, will give you a new perspective on Cappadocia.

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    We’ve planned a 2-day exploration of Cappadocia to give you the best of everything. Over the course of the two days, you will see some of the region’s most stunning valleys and get some crucial knowledge about the key attractions. Cappadocia’s panoramic views, lunar landscapes, and perfect magical ambiance will captivate your attention from the beginning.

    The balloon flight, which is planned for the second day morning, is the absolute highlight of this two-day trip to Cappadocia. The bus will transport you to the balloons’ takeoff place before dropping you off. You will observe the pilots prepare the balloon for the flight after the introduction and safety briefing, so remember to capture the action on camera.

Breathtaking Vistas

    You will only travel with the other guests on this adventure, which makes this flight unique. Since you will only be traveling with the people you previously met on your experience, this makes the hot air balloon journey private.

    The most fabulous flights for viewing the entire region are those in hot air balloons. You will be thrilled when the balloon begins to soar above the earth. You will see Cappadocia’s spectacular valleys from above, which are filled with stunning rock formations and fairy chimneys. You will also view one of the most spectacular sunrises you have ever seen at the greatest height. The valley below will reflect the sun’s warm hues, producing an idyllic scene.

    The hot air balloon will eventually descend to the ground after spending some time in the air. A brief celebration that includes a glass of champagne and the distribution of flight certificates follows. Following your hot air balloon ride, you will explore Cappadocia another day. Because it mixes scenery and adrenaline, this 2-day trip is a fantastic choice for individuals of all ages. Even more, it guarantees to give you distinct feelings and enduring recollections!

How much does Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight cost?

The price for a Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight costs 260 euros per person aged 6 and over. Accompanying persons pay a fare of 59 euros per person, but are not allowed to participate in the balloon ride.

Belek Hotels – 04:30


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Breakfast & Dinner In The Hotel
  • Hot Air Balloon Flight
  • Comfortable Bus (Full A/C)
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Insurance


  • Personal Expenses
  • Entrance Fees
  • Drinks & Lunch

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat, Overnight Bag.

Description of Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight

    Discover Cappadocia’s mysteries and the area with a wonderful Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight. Admire the breathtaking scenery as you explore the majestic valleys of Cappadocia, important ancient sites, and underground towns. This tour combines entertainment, adventure, history, and culture into one, making it the best way to learn about and comprehend Cappadocia’s past.

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Drive to Cappadocia:

The Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight begins early in the day with a pickup from your accommodation in Belek. A brief halt will be made at the city of Side before continuing in a larger bus toward Cappadocia. The buses are comfortable and fully air-conditioned, so we guarantee it will be enjoyable even if the trip is lengthy.

Mevlana Museum:

The Mevlana Museum will be the first destination for our outing. The most noteworthy building in this complex of indoor and outdoor structures is Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s Mausoleum, a well-known dervish, poet, and pioneer of Islamic mysticism. The museum also has a variety of rooms where guests may look around and discover the crucial information.


The bus keeps going toward the upcoming halt of Caravansarai. In earlier years, this place served as a wayside inn that was well-liked by travelers and traders. These inns served as an unofficial hub for knowledge and commerce among travelers traveling along the famed Silk Road and other important trade routes in the area.

Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City:

A stop there is also planned for the program. In an effort to save those who were in danger during the time of the Crusades’ invasions, this underground city was built. This is remarkable since it features a sizable underground city with chambers and passageways. Following this break, the bus will take you to a hotel in Cappadocia, where you may unwind and spend the night. You will be able to have a delicious meal at the hotel and breakfast the following morning.

Optional Turkish Night Or Whirling Dervishes:

Turkish Night or the Whirling Dervishes are two of the greatest choices for anyone who wants to explore the city at night and take in a fascinating cultural event. Those interested can purchase the excursion via our website for an additional cost for this unique function.

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Questions & Answers

What is the cost of Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight?

The cost of a Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight is 260 euros per person aged 6 and over. Accompanying persons pay a fare of 59 euros per person, but are not allowed to participate in the hot air balloon flight.

Is there a refund policy for cancelled Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Yes. If your hot air balloon trip is cancelled due to weather, it may be rescheduled for the following morning. If you do not have time or do not wish to reschedule your flight, you will be fully reimbursed.

What should I carry on my Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Dress comfortably and wear appropriate flat shoes. In the summer, you should wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Depending on the time of year, you should carry a jacket that can be removed as the weather warms up. Some cash in case you want to buy souvenirs or mementos from your day in the skies over Cappadocia. Also bring your camera or smartphone to take your own great photos! Please keep in mind that no heavy items or luggage are permitted on the balloon journey.

How many people can fit into a single room for the Cappadocia Tour From Belek?

You will be notified when rooms suited for your party are available for booking. There are several room sizes available to suit even the largest families.

Are there any limits for Hot Air Balloon Flight passengers?

For starters, children under the age of six are not permitted to fly.

Anyone who has had surgery in the last several months is not permitted to fly in a balloon.

Anyone suffering from severe waist or hip discomfort should avoid this product.

It is also not advised for anyone with a weak bone structure.

No one throughout the first three months of pregnancy.

Finally, and obviously, this is not for anyone who is afraid of heights!

How high do the balloons soar in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia’s hot air balloons may soar up to 1000 metres (3280 feet). The actual altitude varies from day to day and is determined by the direction and speed of the wind.

Do Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons fly all year?

Yes, hot air balloons soar all year round in Cappadocia. Flight cancellations are more common in the winter owing to inclement weather.

Reviews of Cappadocia Tour From Belek With Hot Air Balloon Flight

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James Edward Humphrey
James Edward Humphrey

Stunning, amazing, extraordinary, and unique! Many thanks to everyone on the team for the organizing. Everything was wonderful.