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Belek Fishing Tour

    The activities available in Belek range from calming and peaceful to heart-pounding. An Belek Fishing Tour is the perfect option to escape the crowd and participate in a great pastime. Belek fishing trips are an excellent opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and picturesque Turkish nature. The diversity of residents of the Mediterranean Sea will undoubtedly provide you with a fantastic catch and incredible sensations.

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    Fishing in Turkey is a different kind, full of fascinating views and a rich bounty. Choosing an excursion to sea fishing in Belek, you can catch many various inhabitants of the sea, but also squid and octopus. Your adventure will take you to unique and remote locations, giving the fishing boat the perfect environment for relaxation. On this voyage, you may anticipate stunning landscapes and the chance to discover the Mediterranean Sea’s fishing secrets.

    The morning is when the Fishing Tour begins in Belek. At 6:45 am on the day of your trip, a cosy, contemporary car will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port where the fishing boat waits. When you go to the port, the captain will greet you before you board the boat.

  Experienced Skipper

    The veteran fishing captain has been operating in this region for many years. He is, therefore, the ideal individual to impart fishing knowledge to you as well as to share the greatest fishing spots. For this adventure, you will be riding in a small, traditional fishing boat that is well-equipped and secure.
The skipper will pause at the best fishing locations as the boat begins to travel into the Mediterranean Sea’s deep blue seas. He will demonstrate how to utilize the fishing equipment for you before distributing the high-quality fishing ropes and baits.

Catch the Big One!

    Once everything is ready, you may begin fishing on your own in a depth of 30 to 60 meters. If you require assistance, the seasoned captain can aid you with anything and provide you with vital information on the fish. It should be emphasized that you may dive into the water and go swimming anytime you feel like taking a break. Alternatively, individuals who aren’t interested in fishing can relax on the boat’s deck and sunbathe.

Reel in a lifetime of memories

    The fishing boat will start heading for the harbour after a while. A cosy, fully air-conditioned car will be waiting to transport you back once you reach the port. Upon returning to your accommodation in Belek, this enjoyable and restful tour comes to a close. With a feeling of delicious exhaustion and a heart full of wonderful feelings, you will return home to unwind or enjoy your evening. The Belek Fishing Tour will undoubtedly be a memorable part of your trip.

How much does Belek Fishing Tour cost?

The cost of the fishing tour in Belek is 48 € for adults. Children aged 6-11 years and guests are 35 €, and it is free for children under 6 years old.

Belek Hotels – 06:45


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Experienced Captain
  • All Equipments & Bites
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Soft Drinks
  • Insurance


  • Alcoholic Beverages

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Camera.

Description of Belek Fishing Tour

    While on vacation in Belek, take part in a tranquil yet exciting fishing cruise to uncover the mysteries of the Mediterranean Sea. You will learn the secrets of fishing on this extraordinary and unforgettable journey, leading you to unexplored and distinctive landscapes.

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    Your van will take you to the port where the fishing boat is located. This vessel, a little traditional fishing boat, is perfect for an outing like this. The captain, who will be in charge of helping you during the fishing excursion, will be waiting for you after you board the boat. The captain is a skilled and knowledgeable fisherman familiar with the region’s best fishing sites.

    Baits and Rods: The skipper will explain how to utilize the fishing equipment correctly. As a result, whether this is your first time fishing, you need not fear because the skipper will teach you everything in detail. Everything you need for a seamless, enjoyable, and pleasant trip is on board the boat. The skipper will then hand out fishing rods and bait, and you are free to begin fishing on your own. 

    Fishing: The boat will make several pauses at prime fishing spots. The skipper will be on hand to help you during your fishing trip in order to increase your chances of landing a fish. It should be emphasized that during the breaks, you may jump into the water and go swimming to cool yourself, or you can relax on the deck and soak up the sun.

    Return: When the fishing is over, the boat will turn back toward the port. A car will be waiting at the dock to take you back to your hotel. You will feel motivated by this unusual exercise and pleased with your success after this unforgettable encounter. You will be overcome with joy, good recollections, and photos from your fishing trip by the time you return to your Belek hotel.

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Questions & Answers

My partner wants to go on an Belek Fishing Tour, but it's not for me; do you have any recommendations?

Of course, as a non-fishing passenger, you are allowed to relax on deck and enjoy the view.

Is it necessary for me to bring my own fishing gear for the Belek Fishing Tour?

Not really, everything you need for a good day of fishing will be accessible to you on board but you can bring your own equipment with you if you are used to it.

What type of fish can I expect to catch on an Belek Fishing tour?

While there are no promises, some of the fish in abundance in the region include Red Mullet, Gray Mullet, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Grouper, Angler, Garfish, and Swordfish, to mention a few.

Do I need any extra cash for the Belek Fishing Tour?

If you want to buy Alcoholic beverages, you should bring a modest money with you to pay the charges.

What is the price of Belek Fishing Tour?

The cost (price) of the fishing tour in Belek is 48 € for adults. Children aged 6-11 years and guests are 35 €, and it is free for children under 6 years old.

Reviews of Belek Fishing Tour

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Louise Mcgill
Louise Mcgill

Great day with great people!

Peter Brady
Peter Brady

We had a nice fishing trip. My wee boy caught more fish than me!😂 Although we couldn’t find big fish but the service and hospitality on the boat was good.👍

Kelly Mcleod Conner
Kelly Mcleod Conner

At the insistence of my husband, I went on a fishing tour with him for the first time. I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much. the boat staff helped me get the fish I caught off the hook. I would recommend it to those doing it for the first time.