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Join Excursions > Alanya > Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour

Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour

    Immerse yourself in the aesthetics of Southern Turkey by going on the Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour. Waterfalls, historic caves, and green scenery will fulfil your desire to relax in nature. Rare bird species can also be observed at the site for a fun experience. The region is also safe for locals and tourists, so families can visit without any worry. Clean air and the Taurus Mountains in the background also offer high pleasure. You can take fantastic photos, swim in the natural waterfall, and much more on this Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour.

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History Of Sapadere Canyon

    The Sapadere Canyon formed centuries ago because of erosion through ice and water. It is 360 meters long and has a height of 400 meters. This is why many people visit the Canyon for an aesthetic trip.

    This land was unknown to the locals for many years because of its remote location. However, the Sapadere Canyon and the village nearby have been developed to support tourism.

Landscape Of Sapadere Canyon

    The Sapadere Canyon is 3 km away from the Sapadere Village. It is a tall structure that houses many waterfalls, streams, and caves. Wooden pathways have been developed around the Canyon for easy exploration.

    Another remarkable thing about Sapadere Canyon’s landscape is that it also has natural pools for swimming. The best part is that the pathways and terrain are safe for walking.

Why Is Sapadere Canyon Popular?

     The Sapadere Canyon is an aesthetic site that people visit for various reasons. Here are some of them to help you understand the location’s demand:

  • Allows Scenic Photography.

     The backdrop of Sapadere Canyon involves smoky mountains, while the rocks of the structure also add to the aesthetics. This is why many people interested in photography visit the region to capture its beauty. Of course, the Canyon also offers a good background for tourists to take pictures with their families and make memories.

  • It contains An Impressive Waterfall.

     The primary highlight of the Sapadere Canyon is the massive waterfall at the end. You can get close to the water through the wooden bridges and capture aesthetic photographs. The best part is that people can also swim in the waterfall.

    Ladders have been developed to allow visitors to enter the natural pool quickly. The best part is that the temperature can drop up to 12 degrees for a cool bath.

  • Piques The Curiosity Of Those Who Love Nature

     The rocky terrain of Sapadere Canyon satisfies the curiosity of those interested in rocks and nature. Another thing that makes the site popular is the nearby caves. Many people visit the region to study different rocks and bird species.

Why Choose Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour

     Here are the top reasons to choose this Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour:

  1. Transportation is offered through jeeps
  2. A professional tour guide will inform you of fun facts about the place
  3. The cool water and fresh air will refresh your spirit
  4. Lunch is included in the package
  5. Allows you to explore the nearby Sapadere Village
  6. Easy booking and payment options

How much does Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour cost?

Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour costs (price) 24 € for adults, 12 € for children aged 6 to 12, and free for children under 6.

Alanya Hotels – 09:15 


  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Canyon Entrance Fee
  • Guiding Service
  • Lunch
  • Insurance


  • Dwarves Cave Entrance Fee (3€)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

“Please note that we have no hidden costs”

What do you need to bring with you?

Hats, sunscreen, swimsuits, sunglasses, a towel, a camera, extra clothes, and comfortable shoes are all recommended.

What To Expect On Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour

    The Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour is a necessity for anyone wishing to get back to nature. We will go to Sapadere, a charming rural village with a busy silk trade and some of the most magnificent flora and animals in the vicinity. We’ll begin to slow down as we visit the hamlet before travelling 5 kilometres into the countryside to the Sapadere canyon. We’ll travel the wooden pathway deep into the heart of the canyon and be entirely at one with local nature, a refuge of caverns and waterfalls of varying proportions.

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  If you’re wondering what to expect on the Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour to make an informed decision, here’s what you must know:

Pickup From The Hotel: Your driver and tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in open or closed jeeps according to the season. The car will reach the Sapadere Canyon without any stops in between.

Tour Begins At The Sapadere Canyon: The tour will begin once you reach the Sapadere Canyon entrance. No need to worry about ticket price because it will be covered in the package. The guide will help you explore the area by guiding you through rocky terrains, wooden pathways, and different waterfalls.

You can relax in the natural atmosphere and cool air. The final stop at the Canyon will be the massive waterfall at the end. 

Lunch At A Local Restaurant: You will be taken to the nearest Nomadic Village Café or another restaurant for lunch. The café will allow you to taste authentic Turkish pizza and drink cool beverages.

A Short Walk Around Sapadere Village: For a better experience, your guide will also take you on a short walk around the Sapadere Village. You can explore different structures, meet locals, buy handmade crafts, and view Mulberry trees.

The walk will end with a stop at the Dwarves’ caves to see the rocky structures. These caves offer a good background for pictures. Remember, there is an optionally small fee to enter Dwarves’ caves

Dropoff At The Hotel: After an entire day of sightseeing, you will be dropped off at your hotel in Alanya with the same jeep.

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Questions & Answers

Is there anything special I should wear while Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour?

Bring or wear your swimwear because there will be opportunities to swim throughout the day. Suncream, sunglasses, and a towel or sun hat are also advised. Bring some cash for sundries like extra beverages or snacks, as well as a snapshot or DVD of your enjoyable day out.

Can children participate in Sapadere Canyon Tour from Alanya?

Yes. Children, especially teenagers, are totally in love with Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour. We recommend that you take your children with you on the Sapadere Canyon Tour. The childrens will be delighted.

Can I drive myself at the Sapadere Canyon Tour from Alanya?

You are not authorised to drive a tourist car in Turkey, even if you have a full driving licence.

Is Sapadere Canyon Tour from Alanya suitable for families?

The Sapadere Canyon Tour from Alanya is suitable for families. Families appreciate this Safari as a calmer option to the adrenaline-pumping Safaris available.

The Dwarf Cave is an additional cost, but is it worth it?

For a little charge, you will get the opportunity to see the Cave. It is somewhat modest, with a few smaller rooms branching out from the main entrance, but once inside, it is very lovely and well worth the visit.

What is the price of Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour?

It’s 24 € for adults, 12 € for children aged 6 to 12, and free for children under 6.

Reviews of Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour

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Ava Burke
Ava Burke

After a breathtaking serpentine winding road, you will reach one of the coldest waters that has a swimming pool and a flowing river.


The path may be a bit long and difficult, but it surely worth gaining experience!!

Hector Blake
Hector Blake

We drove from Alanya to Sapadere Canyon and it was really worth it! It’s all relatively new and the long wooden walkway that was built leads right up to the top waterfall. There are opportunities for swimming along the way, but be careful – the water is fresh!!!! It was just an unforgettable experience!

Connie Moore
Connie Moore

Totally beautiful canyon near Alanya (about 1 hour drive). Bring your bathing suits and enjoy cool and clear water.