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Alanya Travel Guide for Most Beautiful Sights and Activities

Here at our Alanya Travel Guide for Most Beautiful Sights and Activities Travel Blog, you will discover the most popular sites, additional travel advice ideas, travel articles, finest things to see and do in Alanya to be noticed! We have created a selection of the most popular tours in Alanya, Turkey, ranging from the excursions mentioned in all guidebooks to the lesser-known local secrets.


Old and new in Alanya, with a fascinating blend of ancient Seljuk heritage and modern resort activities. Explore a citadel with centuries-old sights, visit archaeological museums and discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. In addition, Alanya offers attractive sandy beaches, amusement parks, seaside hotels, and lively nightlife.

Alanya Sightseeing Travel Guide. Alanya started as a fortified citadel on a rocky peninsula. It houses famous historical sights such as the 13th-century Alanya Castle, built by the Sultan of the Seljuk dynasty. Stroll through zigzagging streets lined with cafes and souvenir shops to Alanya Shipyard, one of Turkey’s last surviving Seljuk shipyards. Gaze up at the impressive Red Tower, a 33-meter-tall octagonal watchtower.
Safe bathing beaches stretch out in both directions from the peninsula, framed by all-inclusive hotels, bars, and restaurants. Choose one to sip on a raki (anise-flavored liquor) and sample a Turkish kebab or meze (mixed appetizer platter). Take boat trips to magnificent sea caves, including Asiklar Cave, Kizlar Cave, and Phosphorus Cave.

Try jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling at Keykubat Beach and Portakal Beach, which run east of the wharf. Head to Damlatas Beach near the west side of the peninsula and marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites of Damlatas Cave. Continue to Cleopatra Beach, another famous water sports center. Legend has it that Egyptian Queen Cleopatra once swam here.

Away from the beach, museums trace the history of the city. In the Archaeological Museum of Alanya, you can discover artifacts from the Byzantine, Ottoman, Seljuk, and Roman periods. Learn about the Turkish revolutionary Mustafa Kemal Ataturk at the Alanya Ataturk House Museum.
Have fun on fairgrounds and water slides in Alanya Lunapark. Browse the boutiques and fashion stores of Alanya Shopping Mall. Enjoy an evening in the cocktail bars, discos and pubs on the historic shipyard.

Wild souls will not be disappointed

If you’re seeking for excitement, Alanya, nestled between the huge Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, has everything you’re looking for owing to its superb natural “platforms” that allow hosting extreme activities. These natural reservoirs provide individuals with thrilling sessions and lovely environment both at sea and on land. In other words, if you choose to be one of those adrenaline junkies, your experience will be packed with goosebumps and breathtaking scenery.

The level of excitement can change depending on your expectations and decisions. For example, horse safari and fishing belong to this category with a low level of excitement. Then they are followed by a jeep safari. And since quad and buggy are the muddiest of all safaris, they’re also the most exciting.

Let’s get the adrenaline pumping

For example, if you sign up for a scuba diving session, you can explore the depths of many incredible animals and understand what adrenaline means! Regardless of your experience level, which is fine not having one, have a group and explore the Mediterranean’s most interesting and exciting sports as a whole.
In addition to diving, you can enjoy rafting or visit the land of legends with us, where you will collect water slides of different shapes, colors, and heights so that you can slide down them as fast as a bullet! But if you like adrenaline too much, these are a no-brainer.
So sign up for paragliding in Alanya, where you swing like a leaf floating in the air and still be controlled by a professional instructor. Even if its existence makes you feel safe, you’ll get goosebumps while looking at the coast and settlements from a panoramic perspective. In short, you have what you want and complete another task for your tasks in Alanya’s list!
No matter which you choose, you will enjoy both crazy feelings and the nature of Alanya’s fantastic beauty. And we bet you will love this combination!

Too little time and too much experience in Alanya!

Time is the most precious thing in life and should be used wisely. If you agree with us, you will indeed like this paragraph which contains terrific ideas for tourists who are short on time and want to have as many experiences as possible.

For this reason, we will also not beat around the bush and list some excursions and activities that cover shorter periods than full-day programs. In other words, we list things to do in Alanya for tourists with limited time.

After a day of touring or a break, you can top off the day’s joy with an activity in the afternoon or evening. Alanya City Tour, Show of Fire of Anatolia, Night Disco on a Boat, Cable Car Ride, or Sunset Boat Ride are in this category. They only last up to 5 hours, so you can have new experiences quickly. Also, as one of the favorite activities of foreign tourists in Alanya, sign up for a hammam (Turkish bath) session that lasts only a few hours and fills you with relaxation and happiness.

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